Things I’ll Tell Myself 5 Years Ago

As I will be turning 30 in a couple of weeks, I thought I would share my top 5 things I would tell myself 5 years ago. Even though I did enjoy most my 20s, there were some things I wish I would have taken a different route. Therefore this list came into mind.

1. Time changes everyone. You can never expect one to stay the same. Like it or not, friends come and go. Don’t feel bad about it too long, learn to let go and move forward. You’ll soon realize you don’t need them anyway. Don’t be afraid to MOVE ON.

2. Being in your 20s, be it early or mid, is not old at all. Appreciate that you can stay awake after midnight right up till 7 am and then go only to sleep. DON’T TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED.

3. If you’re single, DON’T WORRY WOMAN. Enjoy your life, meet people, make lots of friends (you’ll thank yourself in the future), don’t settle down if deep down you know he is not the right guy. Don’t blardy waste time with idiots. You’ll find the ONE when the time is right. God works in mysterious ways. TRUST HIM.

4. Do things you never imagined doing. Get out of your comfort zone, LIVE LIFE and try not to take life seriously.

5. Last but not least, ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS. Like seriously, you should. You’ll miss ’em the most, especially the things that you do with your parents. Cherish and love them more than you should.

What would you tell yourself 5 years ago? Do share with me down in the comments section below!

Till the next post,


Amirah Z.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. All content provided in this post and blog are for informational purposes only. I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. Any views belong solely to me and I do not represent those of people or organizations that I may or may or may not be associated professional or personal capacity unless explicitly stated.

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