#Week 12/52 | The One With The Ashburn Retreat

Yep another family reunion. LOL. This time its with my mom’s relatives, which is a yearly thing. Each year we’ll take turns organizing and this year it was ours. So we started to look for a place since end of 2016, booked it and started to plan the activities and such. 
Naadira, my sister, found this homestay bungalow in Melaka and it was a good choice. We booked the whole bungalow to ourselves which makes it even better, privacy box: ticked. The homestay is called Bungalow in a Village located in Semabok, Melaka 10 minutes from town. You can find more info here and here. Don’t get confused by the way, this homestay consists of 1 huge bungalow and 4 cabins in the same area. You can opt to book the whole bungalow and the cabin or even either one. We booked both, in case you’re wondering. Hehe. 
For some reason I totally forgot to take loads of pictures of the house and cabins, silly me I know, hopefully these pictures are enough for you to see the amazing place. The bungalow has 4 huge rooms, huge cause 4-6 people can fit in 1 room, with extra mattresses/sleeping bags / toto of course. There are also 2 spacious living rooms, 1 in front and the other 1 at the back. Huge dry and wet kitchen, complete with a fridge and washing machine. The dining area is quite small for our big family but not a big issue for us. 2 rooms are located on the ground floor and the other 2 rooms on the first floor. The bungalow has only 2 floors. Also not forgetting, there’s a spacious outside patio located in the middle of the house, perfect for sunbathing (lol) or taking family pictures.
Oh and not forgetting, there’s and adult and kiddies pool. SCORE.
bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin

the front entrance
bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin

front view
bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
left side cabins

bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin

right side cabins

bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
beautiful outside patio
bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
the dining table 

Ok back to the family day. Everyone arrived on Friday evening as it was school holidays, brought all sorts of kuih and just relaxed. After Maghrib the same day, we started the first game: Finding Your Teammates. Sounds easy kan? There’s a catch. Each team leaders (all 4 Ashburn children) and everyone else was given specific animal sounds namely chick (baby chick), crick (cricket), tsst (lizard) and tweet tweet (bird) before the start of the game. All team leaders will have to listen carefully to their own animal sounds and pick out their teammates. The rest of the group will simultaneously “scream” out their animal sounds until their team leaders found them. It was so funny I tell ya and we all had a good laugh. Once that was over we handed out their respective group t-shirts to be worn the next day.

bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin

the “find your teammates” aftermath

On the next day, we started the activities after breakfast. Everyone gathered in front of the patio according to their groups and the marshals ie my siblings explained to everyone the itinerary. So basically we prepared quite a number of activities throughout the 2nd day.

The first activity of the day was a treasure hunt with a twist. Each group had different items to find, then use the items and prepare a sandwich for the big boss aka our Tok Burn. There’s a catch too, each group will also have to bargain with each other because each group will not have a particular item to prepare their sandwiches and the other teams might have that particular item with them. Oh and only 1 man was allowed to prepare the sandwich within 5 minutes. Apart from searching the treasure, each group was given 1 sudoku puzzle to complete. It was so funny watching them run all over the house looking for treasure and when we told the “bargain” twist it became even funnier. Everyone suddenly was so kepoh and kecoh, it was a mad house!

bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
treasure hunt #1

bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
sandwich making by the men

bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
judging time

Moving on, there were a number of balloon games which ended up with everyone soaked with water. Fun I tell you. 
bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
“wet yourself” game

bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
I honestly thought I had more outdoor pictures but I didn’t cause I was too busy uploading instastories. Lol. Oh well. 
Later that night we had bbq dinner with a theme: Kesultananan Melayu Melaka. Everyone dressed up even Tok Burn! 

bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
mi familia

bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
the girls

bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
the boys

On Sunday was free and easy, we all gathered in the bungalow and lepak-ed before checking out at 12pm. Alhamdulillah the family getaway went well, everyone enjoyed themselves and it wouldn’t have happened without the help and contribution from everyone especially my siblings. So proud of them. Good job bijesss.
bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
The ZMY clan

bungalow in a village, melaka, kecabin
the AshBurn Clan

Thanks for reading folks,


Amirah Z.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. All content provided in this post and blog are for informational purposes only. I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. Any views belong solely to me and I do not represent those of people or organizations that I may or may or may not be associated professional or personal capacity unless explicitly stated.

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