#Week 10/52 | The One With The Bugis Reunion

Last weekend was a hectic one but fun! Dad’s side of the family had a 2 days family reunion at Regency Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson. This was the first ever family reunion for the Nasir clan which has over 100 pax. Nasir, btw, is my great-grandfather who is the late father of my late grandmother ie my dad’s mother. So I am the 4th generation and Dad is the 3rd generation of the Nasir clan. 
So arwah Tok Nasir and his wife, arwah Tok Gayah has 12 children, 4 has passed away (including my grandmother) leaving only 8 of them. So this reunion was to gather all 8 families including their children and grandchildren and to also share with the younger generation of our roots. 
Little family history (so that I don’t forget LOLs) before I get into the reunion activity, so Tok Nasir and Tok Gayah were based in Muar. They got married and had their children all in Muar. In fact, my dad was also born in Muar. Yep, that explains the “Bugis” in the title above. 

Ok enough family history, back to the fun weekend. So everyone headed to PD around 11am on Saturday and thankfully traffic was smooth. Reached Tanjung Tuan around 1230pm just in time to have packed homemade nasi briyani lunch by my young Aunty (read: she’s 26 y/o!) who has her own Nasi Briyani Gam business. 
After lunch we rested for awhile as the activities started at 3pm. Tons of games were held that day, from water balloon games to tug of war to building sand castles. The games ended around 6pm which gave ample time for everyone to rest and freshen up for the bbq dinner later that night.
I totally forgot to take photos as I was so busy uploading instastories instead. haha! Oh well these ought to do.

Mi familia 🙂

SS and my cousin Adam participating in the Bob Marley Game

After Maghrib everyone gathered downstairs for dinner and the closing ceremony. It started off with very old, black and white pictures of our ancestors and my toks childhood pictures. On top of that, each tok shared stories of our family history which I loved. I love listening to stories from the old folks especially during pre-Merdeka days. 
Then it was prize giving time, my team a.k.a the Blue Warriors came last place (LOLs) but  SS and I won 2nd place for the Bob Marley Game. The night ended with of course, karaoke-ing and walking by the beach before both us went to bed.
Menang gak something kahkah
All in all, it was a such an eventful reunion and so happy we got to see all my cousins, uncles and aunties participating in all the scheduled events. Here’s hoping to more family reunions in the future!

The 8/12 Nasir Children

Where have your family done gatherings/ reunions? Do share!
Till then, thanks for reading!
Amirah Z.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. All content provided in this post and blog are for informational purposes only. I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. Any views belong solely to me and I do not represent those of people or organizations that I may or may or may not be associated professional or personal capacity unless explicitly stated.


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