Essence | I ❤ STAGE Eyeshadow Base

Today I’ll be sharing a drugstore eyeshadow base that I’ve been using since last year. You see, before I splurge on high end products I will try and use drugstore ones first and see if it works so that I don’t have to be spending tons of money on expensive ones. Truthfully, I don’t have the pleasure of spending money on expensive makeup products because I have other important life obligations. #dewasasungguh
On that note, I found this Essence eyeshadow base one fine day while I was nonchalantly strolling in Watsons. All this while I have been using my concealer as my eyeshadow base and it worked. However, at that time, I was in the phase of “building my makeup collection” and I thought why not just try this affordable eyeshadow base. 

Mind you, this was my first ever eyeshadow primer so I have nothing to compared it to but I do roughly can tell if its worth the shot. As I mentioned, this has been in my collection since 2016 so I think its long enough for me to sum up my personal thoughts on this primer. Let’s begin.
This eyeshadow primer has 4ml product, which I think is a LOT. Trust me. Its life span is only 6 months which I’ve had this for a lot longer. HAHA. Don’t follow my steps, please. The texture is lightweight, creamy and not sticky but it does hold your eyeshadow pretty well.

The size of its wand is just nice, not too big nor too small. It fits well on the eyelids, picks quite a lot of product. I’ve tried putting a small amount on the eyelids, it did hold on to the eyeshadows well but not for a long period of time. Thats not a big problem for me cos I usually have eye makeup on max 5-6 hours everyday. Hence, a little product does go a long way. Sebab tu sampai sekarang my tube tak habis habis HAHA.

Overall, I like this base. As I mentioned earlier, I have nothing else to compare this with so for a start this impressed me. If you are looking for an affordable eyeshadow base, you might want to try this. 
Easy to use
Works well
Easy to find ie Watsons
Longevity not great
Repurchase: Not now as I would want to try others

Rating : 

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One thought on “Essence | I ❤ STAGE Eyeshadow Base

  1. ieyra h. says:

    Yay! I pun ada primer ni.. I initially bought it because I couldn't find any other eyeshadow primers at Watsons/Guardian but this one turned out to be good! I love the orange undertone!

    ieyra h. | blog


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