#Week 8/52 | The One With The Birthday Weekend (Part 1)

Heyo its the end of February! Say whut now?! Hope the second month in the year treated you well, if not let’s hope for a brighter March, shall we?
Now, the end of February means time for my husband to grow a year older. Heh heh. The 25th to be exact. Birthdays of my loved ones always scare me, because I feel that I have to make his/her special day SPECIAL, no excuses. 
Initially, I had a different plan but because of some unforeseen events, I had to come up with a new plan before the 25th. A week before his birthday, SS pestered me with questions on where/what were my plans for his birthday. In return, I asked him what he wanted to do. He answered “jog, roti canai, marathon movie at home”. *insert emoticon mata pandang atas* Then I said, ok you can do that on the 26th. LOL.
So then came Saturday, the 25th. I’ve informed him much earlier that we will be leaving around 11ish in the morning and I’ll be driving. I had wanted to blindfold his eyes cause I know he will make a scene. Guess what? He really did make a scene. Definitely regretted not closing his eyes all the way. Mental note – next birthday celebration PLEASE BLINDFOLD HIM
Oh I had 3 surprises planned for him on that Saturday. First stop was to have early lunch at this restaurant that he loves, Suki-Ya. This time we went to their branch in the brand new mall Da:Men USJ. So glad they opened here, the nearest branch we always go was in Paradigm Mall.
SS being SS, he can be quite blur sometimes. So I drove in Da:Men, he looked so confused. Parked the car, then I lead him the way. At that time he still did not know where the heck we were going, until he noticed the big Suki-Ya sign on the wall then he smiled. “Yay Suki-Ya!” he said. Yes, I remembered exactly what he said HAHA. 
sukiya, sukiya malaysia, sukiya da men usj, redbox karaoke, redbox sunway

sukiya, sukiya malaysia, sukiya da men usj, redbox karaoke, redbox sunway
The Suki-Ya in Da:Men is a lot bigger than the one in Paradigm and because the one in Da:Men is an open concept restaurant in a mall, we definitely prefer the one in Da:Men. If you are not familiar with Suki-Ya, it is a Japanese steamboat buffet with delicious soup base options. You can check them out here at their website. I will post a separate review on this soon.
After the delicious meal, SS wanted to head home. Zzzzzz. I told him I have another surprise and we have to reach there by 230. We walked around Da:Men for a bit then I drove us to the next location, Sunway Pyramid. He squirmed and frowned upon seeing the big lion head ‘cos he really don’t like going to crowded malls on weekends. I would have expected him to know what his next surprise was but thankfully he couldn’t guess. 
I decided to park valet cos we were running out of time and I brought him straight to Red Box Karaoke. Surprise! Hehehe. His face instantly lit up and looked relieved. HAHAHA. “Takkanlaaa I nak bawak you jalan in a crowded mall on your special day,” I said to him. Cos that would happen on MY BIRTHDAY. keh keh keh.
Booked the room for 3 hours, sang our hearts out and the last surprise caught him off guard, finally. I have asked a couple of our friends to help with this last one. I ordered and got his favorite dessert, pavlova delivered to a friend’s house and they brought it over to Red Box around 3 ish. While SS was focusing on his singing, they came in with the pavlova singing Happy Birthday. The look on his face was priceless. He didn’t expect that to happen. Oh and the pavlova was so so good too, I ordered them from this IG : Modernecks try them, you’ll love it. 
sukiya, sukiya malaysia, sukiya da men usj, redbox karaoke, redbox sunway

sukiya, sukiya malaysia, sukiya da men usj, redbox karaoke, redbox sunway
IG / FB : Modernecks
To my husband, I hope you enjoyed your special day this year. Many happy returns on your Birthday, may Allah grant all your wishes, shower you with excellent health, happiness, and love from everyone. 
sukiya, sukiya malaysia, sukiya da men usj, redbox karaoke, redbox sunway

Le husband and his ubans

Phew done with Part 1. Part 2 coming up shortly. Stay tuned……

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. All content provided in this post and blog are for informational purposes only. I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. Any views belong solely to me and I do not represent those of people or organizations that I may or may or may not be associated professional or personal capacity unless explicitly stated.


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