Let’s Dine Out #7 | Mr Tuk Tuk

So does anyone has random cravings for certain food like me? I am a fussy eater, as my husband would describe me during my hunger pangs. That is partially true ok. I can/will eat whatever under the sky except for a few dishes lah, hehehe, but other than that I can eat anything. But sometimes I do have my mengada cravings ie I feel like having Thai food specifically Phad Thai tapi tamau lah yang fancy tu. Hah ternganga mulut lakiku pikir mana nak cari Thai food murah.
“Fret no more husband”, I said. We can get cheap cheap Thai Food here in KL. “Where?” he asked. Sunway Pyramid jer I said AND its affordable! I promise you this Thai restaurant isn’t like your Absolute Thai etc. This is more like Boat Noodle punya prices gitu but with a lot more choices.

Spot SS queueing 😉
Full house on a Saturday afternoon
Finally got our seats after a 10-minute wait
Ok this place is called Mr Tuk Tuk and I went to the one located in Sunway Pyramid. They do have another branch in Setia City Mall if I am not mistaken. Here they have everything Thai ie Tom Yam,  Tom Kha, Phad Thai (my absolute favourite), Som Tam, Mango Sticky Rice and more! Of course the infamous Thai Iced Tea pun ada.
BTW, be forewarned that there might be a queue especially during peak hours but based on our experience it wasn’t that bad. They took our orders prior getting our seats so that when we do get seated our food will arrive a couple of minutes after.

The list of food available

Drinks and Dessert choices

We were so spoilt for choices, I felt like ordering everything! Plus, most of their food are priced at RM10 below which made it even harder for me not to order everything on the menu. Tip: Go with a large group of people so that you can have a taste of (almost) everything on the menu. 
I succumbed to my cravings of having Phad Thai so I ordered just that and Fresh Mango Banana just because I missed Thai Fruit Shakes. Initially wanted to order their Thai Iced Tea or Green Tea but convinced myself I can get that for RM3 at my office. Heh. 
SS ordered the Thai Basil Beef, Thai BBQ Lamb (I know right, he should have ordered tom yam geez) and plain water. I know boring. Oh and of course we just had to order the Mango Sticky Rice. Wajib ada duh

Phad Thai = RM8.90 (!!!)

Ok this Phad Tai was very tasty. Sedap gils tak tipu serious. I can berani say, kalah the high-end Thai restaurant ones. Although the one I had in Curve would be a close competitor. Just look at that portion for only RM8.90. Tell me where else can you get this kind of price AND portion?! Tak boleh kan kan.
Phad Thai Rating: 

 Fresh Mango Banana = RM8.80

Ha yang ni was the only dissapointment. The drink was bland, very bland. I didn’t taste the mango nor banana. Although the color of the drink seems otherwise, it didn’t taste good at all. 
Fresh Mango Banana Rating: 

Thai Basil Beef = RM10.80

This dish was delicious too. Although it would be great if they had more beef in it. Their beef serving was quite a disappointment, they had only a few strips. Flavor wise, perfect.
Thai Basil Beef Rating: 

Thai BBQ Lamb = RM11.80

The most expensive dish compared to the rest and the least favourite of ours. I really don’t know why SS opted for this (LOLs) but good oso la he ordered this if not we won’t know sedap ke tak, kan. Truthfully, we didn’t enjoy this. It was delicious, but nothing spectacular. If you don’t order this you won’t be missing anything, just like the Fresh Mango Banana drink. No lost. Heh.
Thai Basil Beef Rating: 

Mango Sticky Rice = RM7.90
This comes second place after the Phad Thai. Ugh so delicious. Definitely, a must try. 
Mango Sticky Rice Rating: 
Hungry already? Hehe I know I am. So if you haven’t try Mr Tuk Tuk and you are looking for Thai food that won’t burn your pockets, give this place a try. You’ll like it. =)
Sunway Pyramid branch is located at
LG2.27 (betul2 opposite Cold Storage)
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall 
For more info, you can check out their social media
Facebook : fb.com/mrtuktukmy
Instagram : ig.com/mrtuktuk_my

Overall Rating: 
Do you have any favorite Thai restaurants here in Malaysia? Hit your homegirl up with more options please, she’ll love it!
Amirah Z.

Disclaimer : This is a personal blog. All content provided in this post and blog are for informational purposes only. I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. Any views belong solely to me and I do not represent those of people or organisations that I may or may or may not be associated professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.


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