16 Things I Loved In 2016

2016 is ending soon so I thought it would be best it I would list 16 things I’ve been loving in the year 2016. Disclaimer:  these things made my top 16 as they were either the things that I most sought after during the past 12 months or the most loved/memorable item in 2016. 

Without further ado, let’s see my list!

1. Nestum Banana Caramel
– Two of my favourites in ONE. 
2. Spotify Premium Family
– who doesn’t? Share it with 4 people and pay only RM22.40 per month!
3. It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover
– Favourite book in 2016. Review will be up soon.

*photo courtesy of Google

4. Gilmore Girls Revival
– Duh. Ultimate fav this year. 
5. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
– New found gem. Review to come soon.
6. Colourpop UML/USL
– Kicked butt of all the other drugstore lipsticks. Review sooooon.
7. Nasi Kukus Tok Wan
– I never fancied rice with kuah overload but this is a definite exception. It’s located in Kota Kemuning and it’s so darn good. A proper review will be up soon.
8. Maybelline Mascara
– Do you really need further explanations?

9. Blogging
– THIS old flame. I’ve decided to start blogging again early this year and no regrets! Although I have not been consistent lately but hey, better late than never.
10. Netflix /iFlix
– Again, who doesn’t? Read about my top TV Series I love binge watching here
11. BBW 3 wick candles
– TBH, their 3 wick candles are much more worth buying than the rest because I feel that their 3 wick ones smell even nicer.
12. AliExpress
– Blogged about it here and here
13. Kelana Jaya Line Extension
– I am an avid public transport user. This has changed my life tremendously. KTM whattttt? 
14. Marble anything
– Major LOVE but I’ve yet to own anything marble. Hahaha
15. Books App

– Another new profound love.

16. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
– Yup I’m a Bieber this year!

What has been your favourites for 2016? Would love to know!

Till next time,
Toodles! X

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. All content provided in this post and blog are for informational purposes only. I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. Any views belong solely to me and I do not represent those of people or organizations that I may or may or may not be associated professional or personal capacity unless explicitly stated.


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