Life Lately #5 | Gilmore Fever

Hi there. How are you guys? Wow its already mid November and I haven’t written anything this month. Wow. A lot has happened for the past month, I felt that I was not in the right place to be writing just about anything. All I wanted to do during those “dark” days was snuggle in bed and watch reruns. And yep I did just that on weekends. Hence, I had no time to snap photos for my blog and Instagram. Which then brings us to here today. I have tons of things to write about but I just cannot seem to do it now. 
So today I feel “obliged” to update my blog with what I have been up to / where am I / am I still breathing post.  Well yes, I am alive (barely) and kicking. I am still feeling a bit under the weather but hopefully this drought will end soon. 
As I was saying, I spent most of my weekends snuggled in bed and watched reruns. One of it was the Gilmore Girls series mainly because the Gilmore Girls : A Year in the Life Revival will be out this coming 25th November!
I loved, loveeeeed this series back in High School and now I cannot wait to watch them all grown up! Once this 4 part event is over, my life will probably be back on track. Yeah I think I just a need a lil’ Gilmore Girls fix.
Till then, 
Amirah Z.

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