Life Lately #2 | Aidilfitri 2016

Pejam celik habis dah Raya Aidilfitri. Cepat kan rasa? Soon Raya Haji pulak. How was your Eid this year? Better than previous years? Hope everyone had a joyous and blessed Eid with your loved ones this year. 
As for me, this year was my first ever Raya celebration at a kampung and to make it more interesting, it was my husband’s kampung in Batu Pahat (BP), Johor. We went back to BP couple of days before Raya, so we managed to berbuka puasa at the kampung for a couple of days.
Selamat Hari Raya from Batu Pahat!
ketupat, ketupat bawang, raya aidilfitri
Growing up, my kampung was at Gombak/Jalan Ipoh. Not much of a kampung, I know. Hence when I met SS and found out he has a kampung I was estatic. Little that I know Imma be exposed and be learning a whole lot of new things. LOL. Hence, I made post on Balik Kampung tips during the festive season mainly because I felt that I needed a list of Do’s and Don’ts. True enough, the tips were very helpful! So for first timers out there like me, you might wanna read thru the tips I gathered in that post, it would probably save your life. Lol jokes, but no really, those tips might help you in one way or the other. 🙂
So yes, back to my Raya Kampung story, when we arrived 2 of his uncles and kids were already there plus his grandmum, dad and stepmom. Everyone just knew what they had to do, the men cleaned the yard, the women started to prepare the things they need to cook for Eid. Mind you, all of these were very “alien” to me as my Eid preparation the past years were very, very different. 
The day before Eid, his grandmum started to anyam ketupat early in the morning. I am not ashamed to say that I do not know how in the world to anyam ketupat although I did try to anyam a ribbon ketupat few years ago for an office Raya Open House. Notice the word TRY. Again here, his grandmum and uncle graciously taught me from scratch how to anyam but after numerous tries I still cannot properly anyam. Its so hard wei. *cries* Oh SS pun tak reti so I didn’t feel that bad being so dumb tak reti anyam. HAHA.
ketupat bawang, ketupat, anyam ketupat
So much appreciation for this little thing right here
ketupat bawang, batu pahat, raya aidilfitri
It took them about probably 3/ 4 hours max to come up with this huge bowl of ketupat. Hats off to nenek and her crew. Next was to anyam lepat pulut daun kelapa, which was new to me. Ha siapa keturunan Jawa mesti tau makanan ni kan? Making this lepat is much easier than the ketupat bawang, so yes the photo below is proof that I did these on my own. YASSS finally #achievementunlocked.
lepat pulut daun kelapa, anyam ketupat, raya aidilfirti malaysia, eid
Lepat Pulut Daun Kelapa
The cooking takes part from early morning. Then in the evening they have this tradition called “mengunjung” whereby representative from each house will visit their neighbours and pass food that they have cooked earlier. 
SS mengunjung-ing neighbours

And Eid finally arrives. After Eid Prayers, family members will ask forgiveness among each other. This is when I tell SS that I am sorry I always pull the blanket while sleeping, among a lot more other things. Hehe. I must say this session feels quite different than what usually happens with my family on the first day of Eid.
Everyone’s asking for forgiveness

Then makan time which at the end of the first day everyone will have bloated tummies. Haha. I totally forgot to take photos of the food because I was busy stuffing my face with the delicious food, obviously, but side note, Lontong is a MUST for Jawa/Johorean peeps. All of the houses we went for visiting, Lontong is a must. Back in KL, boleh kira dengan jari la berapa rumah ada Lontong. 
Alongside stuffing our faces with scrumptious food, what else did we do? Took dozens of photos of course! SS and I even did a short video clip wishing everyone Hari Raya too which is hilarious. Head on to my IG if you wanna see SS made a fool out of himself. Haha sorry hubs. 
So I think thats it for my Raya at Kampung experience. It was definitely different but an amazing one. I’ll leave you guys with a few of Raya photos. See ya’ll in the next post!
Us, Nenek, FIL & Step MIL, SIL

Amirah Z.


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