Tips | 3 Simple Steps To Plan a Bridal (and Birthday) Shower/Party

So yes in a couple of days my one and only baby sister will be married to the love of her life, in sha Allah. Thus, prior to her wedding, her close girlfriends and I arranged a surprise Bridal Shower cum Birthday as coincidentally the surprise get-together fell on her birthday weekend. Plus we decided to celebrate her much earlier as we wouldn’t be able to do it in Ramadhan. 
Planning a Bridal + Birthday Shower wasn’t easy I must say, especially when its for your favourite person in the world. The amont of pressure I tell you, WOW. Thankfully her girlfriends were very helpful and supportive as they did offer to help with the deco and stuff. 
After much discussion with everyone, we settled with the place ie Chili’s Grill & Bar at Empire Subang, one of her girlfriends ordered a beautiful cake (as above), I sorted out the games and prizes and we all agreed on the “Futsal” theme of the day as the bride is an avid futsal player. 
This would be my first time planning a surprise Bridal Shower and definitely won’t be my last. It was really fun! Lemme run you through what are the key things in planning a Bridal Shower or any party for that matter.

1. Theme and Decorations
For this I had no problems as her girlfriends made it easy for me, Hehe. Important tip is that it would be really great if you deco your venue and set a theme that represents your Very Important Bride (VIB). 
2. Games and Prizes
These were one of the fun parts, for me, organizing a party. For games, I googled “Bridal Games” and a number of interesting games came up. All I had to was print them out. Easy Peasy. If you are interested in the games, sent me an email and I will gladly email you to the soft copies. 🙂
As for prizes, I had fun shopping for them! Tip, if you are expecting a large crowd (and on a budget) for your party you may scout for affordable things at Daiso, Miniso, Typo and Mr DIY to name a few. 
For the game winners, I got hold of their stuff at Typo (mostly at the SALE section, teehee!) and Miniso as they were very reasonably priced. I love receiving pretty things so I’ll make sure whenever I’m the one giving the prizes must be pretty as well.
What I got at Typo :
“Lepak Time” tall glass;
2 Trinket Trays;
1 shopping bag

What I got at Miniso : 
Travel Nail Kit = RM10
Apart from the game prizes, I got a few things from Miniso and Mr DIY as doorgifts to be given to all the girls as appreciation gifts for coming and celebrating my sister’s Shower. 
What I got at Miniso :
Left = Scented sachet for your closet (RM10 for 3 sheets)
Right = Scented soap roses (RM10 for 1 box – 9 soaps)
Then I found these cute eye masks at Mr DIY and got a few of these coloured ropes.
For each girl they will get one each of the eye masks, sachets and soap. To make it easier for them to place the gifts in their bags, I tied all the things together using the paper rope. Ta-daaa hassle free, trust me. 
3. Venue and Food
Choosing the venue was quite difficult for me as I had to pick a place that is kinda in the “middle” to be fair to everyone. For me, it all depends on your budget. Cos at the end of the day, the company is all that matters. Oh and good food of course, hehe. Chilis / TGI Fridays are always the suitable choices to hold gatherings/parties because of its huge space and tasty food. 

The fun pack

Playing games 

The future Bride
Alhamdulillah the party went well, the future Bride was surprised and had no idea that I had brought her to Empire for her surpise Shower. Memula tu dia bising lah jugak sebab dia tak pakai mekap and selekeh, which I responded “you don’t need mekap pun dah lawa” ppsshh which is the truth.
Anyways, to my one and only Sister,

You are going to be someone’s Wife soon! How is that even possible?! Lol kidding bijjj. You know I’ll pray for your everlasting happiness with Ridhwan, may you be patient enduring this new journey of yours (teeheeeee) and never forget me please. I am going to miss you coming over my room and do what we do (ehem) best, I am going to miss our late coffee sessions, I am going to miss our random shopping trips… basically I am so gonna miss YOU. Congratulations on finding your Mr Right (goodluck Ridh) and here’s to the beginning of your new life together! 


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