Finally Finished! #2

Its the time of the month again. No, not that but clearing my empty products to make way for new ones YASSSSS. Without further ado, lets see my junk I mean trash I mean EMPTIES.

biore, bath and body works, rexona, nyx, maybelline, watsons, boots
Unlike my first empties post (click here if you haven’t read it) I had quite a number of items, but this time around there aren’t as many empties BUT most of the empties in this post are mostly my favourites
Some of these items took me long (cos too sayang to finish it) enough to finish ’em and some of the items I just wanted to empty ’em up and be done with it. Curious yet? Ok jom I tell you.
biore, bath and body works, rexona, nyx, maybelline, watsons, boots
L to R :
– Biore cleansing oil
– Nivea extra white pore minimiser mud foam
– Boots moisturising cream
– Biore cleansing wipes

1. Biore Cleansing Oil

This has got to be my least favourite item from the Biore cleansing range. I would rather much prefer their cleansing wipes and/or the cleansing water. This cleansing oil was not “friendly” to my skin, although it did its job well removing my makeup but whenever its time to remove my eye makeup, my eyes would hurt like crazy. This oil stings my eyes so bad every, single time. So glad I am done with this cleansing oil.
Repurchase? Absolutely not.

2. Nivea Extra White Pore Minimiser Mud Foam

To be honest I can’t remember why I got this facial cleanser in the first place, but I do remember I had this for the longest time. It didn’t do anything (as far as I could remember) to my face, at all. It didn’t minimise my pores, it didn’t gave me fairer skin (obviously) and the worst part, it made my (already) dry skin, drier. After using this my skin would feel so tight that I felt my skin would rupture into half. That was how dry my skin felt with this facial cleanser.
Repurchase? You guessed it, nope.

3. Boots Moisturising Cream

Haha this one is such an old product. I had this when I went to Chiang Mai, Thailand almost a year (plus?) ago. It took me this long to finish this was mainly because after the purchase, 6 months down the road I moved out from my parents place hence I didn’t bring all my stuff including my skin care products to my new home with me. Why? Because then everytime I sleep over at my parents I don’t have to lug my current skincare products with me. Sooo, one of my skincare items that I didn’t bring with me was this Boots Moisturer. I love this cream. Its hydrating though it did feel a bit oily on the skin. It didn’t have any weird smell, its okay lah. Nothing spectacular.
Repurchase? Probably not because I would rather try new Boots products the next time I’m in Thailand. =D

4. Biore Cleansing Wipes
My holy grail (HG) cleasing wipes, until I find better (and cheaper!) ones of course. I’ve repurchased this numerous times, I’d lost count. These wipes are so easy to use, the skin feels so fresh so clean after using them. Hehe. These wipes remove waterproof mascara/eyeliner in a breeze, it took me 2 – 3 sheets to remove a full makeup face. Usually the 3rd sheet will not be as dirty as the other first 2 sheets. Also, these wipes are travel-friendly where it comes with a tight seal compartment box so that the wipes won’t easily dry out. Once you have purchased the compartment box, you can then just buy the refillable wipes which cost cheaper that buying together with the box. Look out for discounts that Watsons and Guardian usually gives, you can get these at a really bargain price. Now I mainly use these wipes whenever I travel or have sleepovers at my parents or in laws, cos at home I have now a new HG makeup remover which I will post a review on it soon. 
Repurchase? Already did. 

biore, bath and body works, rexona, nyx, maybelline, watsons, boots
L to R :
– Maybelline lash sensational mascara
– Nyx soft matte lip cream (san paulo)
– Essence longlasting lipliner (05 lovely frappuccino)

5. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Another one of HG items. I love, love, love this mascara. I will never use/try any other mascaras in my life ever again. Ok thats a lie but this mascara will be the most reached and used ever! I’ve read/heard so many great reviews on this mascara from beauty bloggers/youtubers all over the world so trust me (and them!) this is one of the bestest ever produced mascara by Maybelline. I cannot compare this with any high-end mascaras because I don’t own any but with this price tag I don’t think I ever need to buy high end mascaras. This mascara does its job so friggin’ well that I look like I’m wearing falsies whenever I have this mascara on. FYI, my eyelashes are pathetic. They are not long, stubborn lashes that go straight downwards and will not curl unless I curl them using curlers. But with this mascara, my lashes become magical. They curl up like nobody’s business, they lengthen my short lashes to the length that I would never would have imagined and the mascara somehow magically thicken my lashes like falsies. Maybelline did it right this time. Growing up Maybelline mascaras were always the ones I reached for, but with this Lash Sensational I have definitely sell my mascara soul to Maybelline. 

Repurchase? YES YES YES.

6. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream (San Paulo)

This item has to be the oldest item in this lot. I’ve had this for such a long time just because I didn’t have the heart to throw it away and used it up to its last drop. Super love the colour, the formula and everything about it. Perfect mauve colour for the very dark lips I have and it suits my NC42 skin quite well. Not drying at all, doesn’t accentuate my dry, flakey lips and its not pricey. The down side of this lip cream is that I don’t quite like the other shades in this range. Haha. Other than that, 5 stars. 

Repurchase? For now maybe not, as other brands have been coming out with new matte lip products. 

7. Essence Longlasting Lipliner (05 Lovely Frappuccino)

Reasonably priced lipliner that won’t dissapoint you. I did a review on this here and it has been my everyday lipliner since the day I got it. No cons for me except for just 1 issue. It finishes real quick! I don’t know whether its because I use it everyday but in my defense, I rarely touch up my lip using lipliners. So it could be the product itself but hey it doens’t break my bank so nope, no major complains. Oh and this colour is gorgeous. Very. 

Repurchase? Maybe later in the future when I run out of new lipliners to try out. Hehe.

biore, bath and body works, rexona, nyx, maybelline, watsons, boots

L to R :
Rexona women anti-perspirant deodorant
BBW mist spray sweet pea

8. Rexona Women Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (sample size)

Got this for free at LRT Bangsar, lasted me for quite some time. Love the smell, it does feel refreshingly clean but feels a bit sticky but not for long though. However personal preference, I prefer the deodorant spray than the roll ones like this.

Repurchase? Nope. 

9. BBW Mist Spray (Sweet Pea)

One of my favourite BBW scents. Love their mists, I spray my body with this every morning before I spray my perfume. Its not sticky, it smells great, whats there to complain? Oh probably the price BUT they always have discounts all year round. So I usually get them only during sales. Worth it meng

Repurchase? Probably but not now cos there’s a lot more scents to go through!

biore, bath and body works, rexona, nyx, maybelline, watsons, boots
– Leave-in conditioner
-Watsons revitalising treatment conditioner milk protein

10. Some random leave-in hair conditioner

One word, MAGICAL. It tames my frizzy, thick, bushy hair and made them straight. Yes, straight. No kidding. I don’t know how or what formula it has but it works like magic. I love this. I got this from a hair salon in SS15 Subang Jaya, cannot remember the name though but its located opposite of Joe’s Barber. This cost RM50 I think but it was worth my cents. 

Repurchase? YES. 

11. Watsons Revitalising Treatment Conditioner Milk Protein

I purchased this conditioner together with its Shampoo (not in photo) and I was shocked to my bones. This was my first time purchasing from the Watsons range and they didn’t dissapoint! The formula wasn’t harsh for my hair, it soothes my frizzines and it wasn’t drying at all. The only downside that it doesn’t come in large sizes so it runs out pretty quick for me. So Watsons if you’re reading this, please come out in larger sizes!

Repurchase: Dah. Repurchased. Done.

Pheewwww. That actually took me awhile haha. Okay. So have you tried any of the items above? Did you like it? Or you have other better recommendations? Do share down below!


Disclaimer : This is a personal blog. All content provided in this post and blog are for informational purposes only. I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. Any views belong solely to the me and I do not represent those of people or organisations that I may or may or may not be associated professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated. 


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