#RamadhanDiaries 2 : Homemade Mini Burgers

Assalamualaikum and heya peeps! I know, I know we are already half way through Ramadhan and I’ve only uploaded 2 Ramadhan posts. Sigh. Time has really gone way too fast this Ramadhan and I haven’t gotten the chance to cook interesting food mainly cos I’ve been breaking fast with my parents at their house. Haha. 
Anyways last Saturday my friends and I gathered for Iftar at one of their houses and it was a potluck do. So SS and I decided to go Western and we made mini burgers coupled with caramelised onions. Sounds tough, no? It did to me LOL. But trust me, it was pretty darn easy. Let me show you how its done. It took us roughly +-40 minutes to finish everything from scratch. Ok jom lets start.
Homemade Mini Burgers

Minced meat (any amount you desire)
paprika (any amount you desire)
white pepper (any amount you desire)
black pepper (any amount you desire)
salt (any amount you desire)
breadcrumbs (any amount you desire)
1/2 eggs (any amount you desire)
cheese slices (optional)
any vege for your burgers ie tomato, onion, olives, you name it
mini burger buns (I got them from Hero)
skewer sticks

1. Smash (?) / Gaul the minced meat till lumat.
2.Put in the salt, paprika, black & white pepper, breadcrumbs and egg (s)
into the minced meat and gaul sampai puas hati. 

3. Next, roll the meat into small balls or however big/small you want your burgers to be.

4. This next step is actually an extra step. You can totally skip this if you’re not fond of cheese. Cut the chesee slices into small squares and push it in the middle of the rolled minced meat.
5. You’re almost done. Now push the rolled meat jadi penyek ie shape the meat till its the right burger size and keep it refrigerated for a few hours at least, till its time cook the burgers.

8. Ready to have ’em burgers? You may grill your burgers like I did below OR you may put them in the oven and let them cook nicely. Either way, they will still taste the same and juicy and delicious.

that’s the cheese coming out from the inside. sedap tak tipu!
9. DONE! Place the patty in between the buns and “dress” your burger the way you like it. Then push in the skewer stick into the burger to make it stay and not wobbly. Pastu, makan!

Till the next Ramadhan post, In sha Allah.
Happy fasting everyone!

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