Review #5 : First time buying MakeUp Revolution from!

Truth to be told, I could pass as an avid shopper on MySale. I love MySale! I started off buying things from MySale during my obsession with pretty stationeries began early last year. I remember I constantly login onto the MySale website hoping that there with be sales on Filofax or pretty notebooks, etc etc. This year thankfully that hefty obsession has subsided and I have now proceeded to collect makeup stuff. Another hefty obsession I know, but hey least I am using makeup prodcuts everyday compared to the stationery obsession I had before which ended up being not touched for a very long time. 
Anyhooo this post won’t be on my petty obsessions, today Imma share with ya’ll my first every MakeUp Revolution (MUR) products and where better way to get these products from, since we can no longer get them here in Malaysia, MySale of course!
These MUR products were on sale early April and knowing that MySale products usually will arrive 2-3 weeks later, I decided to splurge and wait patiently for my birthday presents to arrive just in time during my birthday week. True enough, they did! These were the first batch of presents I hauled in conjuction with my birthday haha. There will be another post on my other splurges coming right up. So stay tuned if you wanna find out more.
Ok without wasting anymore of your reading time, lets get into this interesting haul!
As to date, this could be my first largest makeup haul ever in my life, at one go. Hahaha. Ikutkan hati, would have wanted more but had to limit myself as I had other things in mind to get. So oklah 5 MUR products to begin with, not too bad in my opinion. 
I got 5 makeup items which consist of 3 eyeshadow palettes and 2 blushers:-
  • Salvation Palette Iconic Pro 1 = RM39
  • Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Flawless Matte = RM59
  • Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette Flawless = RM59
  • The Matte Blush in Fusion = RM25
  • Iconic Blush, Bronze & Brighten in Golden Hot = RM29

The total for 5 items were RM211 and the standard MySale shipping for any products was RM25. So I paid a total of RM236 inclusive shipping to my doorstep. Mind you, these products were shipped from overseas hence I think RM25 for shipping ain’t that bad compared to the shipping charges if I were to buy straight from their UK website here. I think lah, I might be wrong but heh. 
So yes, bear in mind these purchases were made after numerous of researches made cos thats just me. LOL. I am the type that (if I have ample time) will research thoroughly on products I would want to invest my money in so that I won’t be dissapointed later. Embarassed to say this out loud but hey I’m all about honesty here, I gotta make sure the things I buy must be worth the money I spent, be it affordable nor high end products. 
Now, lets start.
1. Salvation Palette Iconic Pro 1
One of the main reasons I decided to purchase this palette was because many makeup enthusiasts raved this palette was a dupe to the Lorac Pro 1 Palette. Unfortunately, I don’t own any Lorac products to compare with this Iconic Pro 1 Palette BUT upon numerous swatches from bloggers all around the globe, this comparison seems legit! 
In this Iconic Pro 1 Palette (and apparently also Lorac Pro 1) there are 16 shades, 8 matte shades on the top row and 8 shimmer shades on the bottom row. This palette also comes with a double-ended eyeshadow brush which was quite pretty decent to me, nothing to shout out about but no complains either. Just happy the palette came with an eyeshadow brush thats useable. LOL
First reaction when I opened this was WOW. Such pretty everyday colours that I can make use of. As you can see the swatches below, they are so darn pigmented except maybe for a few colours but the rest were terrific. Swear to ya’ll that I only swiped the shades maximum twice to get that perfect pigmented colours you see in the photo below.
For the Matte shades, Ghost and Luna were chalky to me, these 2 shades will probably be the least used among the rest. Must, Fade and Drama (my favourites!) make pretty transition shades on my NC42 skintone and very easy to blend whilst Afflicted and Pitch are pretty dark shades perfect to put on the corner of the eyelids.
As for the Shimmer shades, no complains! All 8 shimmer shades are so pretty, pigmented and their textures amagaddd, excellent! Again, I have 3 favourite shimmer shades which I think will look very pretty on the eyelids would be Getter, Too Grey (my utmost fav!) and Stage. For the base, Breathe would be my option as its a soft subtle kinda nude colour. For the inner corner of the eyelids, Need and Dawn are perfect. Just like the matte shades, the remaining 2 dark shades, Addicted and Player can be used for the outer corner to give the smokey effect on the eyes.
Top row: matte shades
Bottom row: shimmer shades
  • My Review : For RM39, this is worth it. Superb quality, easy to use especially beginners like me and travel friendly as this palette comes with a full-sized mirror and a brush. Complete!
  • My Rating : 4.5/5 stars
2. Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Flawless Matte

This was an impulse buy I must admit. I don’t even know why I need TWO 32 eyeshadow palettes to begin with. Oh well. 
Oh no wait. Now I remember why I purchased this. I wanted matte eyeshadows that I could wear everyday to work and this particular palette contains beautiful neutral shades that I could use to work. However when I swatched these colours, a number of shades were pretty similar to each other which was quite a disappointment for me, personally. 
1st row
The row that I least favour among all 4 rows in this palette. These shades felt too chalky to me, they were very difficult to swatch and the colours didn’t turn up well on my skin. However, these shades will make a decent base on the eyelids and nothing more. 
2nd row
The first few shades in this 2nd row as you can see in the photo above didn’t show out nicely when I swatched ’em, a wee bit chalky just like the shades in the 1st row. Hwoever, I do have my favourites and they are Fawn, Mud and Leather as I think they could be nice transition colours. Warm is a pretty muted peach colour and Sand a neutral nude which can be used as base colours for the eyelids or probably a stand alone eyeshadow colour but you may need to wet your brush before dipping it into these shades to deepen the colours a bit more.
3rd row
As we go further down, the shades become darker. As you can see in the photo, the colours showed up nicely when swatched. Although I must say I had to take a couple of swipes to ensure the colours came out nicely. Taupe (3rd row) and Fawn (2nd row) looked similar to me, Rosewood is a pretty shade ie mauve pink-ish which I think will look nice on fair skin. Bear, Olden and Charcoal are more like my kinda colours, haha. But they’re so difficult to blend gahhh.

4th row

This has to be my favourite row although honestly the shades now look all the same to me. These shades in this 4th row look a bit more useable and easier to use. It took me only 1 swipe to get the swatches above and for only 1 swatch they look pretty OK to me. But on the eyes, I had to put a bit more effort in making sure the colours are blended well. 
  • My Review :  Overall, these matte eyeshadows are difficult to work with. The colours are not as pigmented compared to the other palettes, loads of fall-outs, very chalky which made it hard to blend. I don’t know if I got a bad batch but this whole palette was an utter dissappointment to me. I had high hopes for this one, hopefully I’ll find ways to make them work!
  • My Rating : 2.5/5 stars
3. Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette Flawless
Initially, I contemplated on getting only either one of the two 32 eyeshadow palettes I was looking at and this Flawless palette top the list. True enough, I prefer this palette over the Flawless Matte palette. Lemme tell you why.
Shimmery Shimmers
All 32 shades in this palette are shimmers BUT not over the top. The colours in this palette are your everyday, natural, neutralm useable colours and I’ve used some the shades for work and it didn’t look overpowering, it gives a nice glow and brighten up the eyes especially during sleepy days. 
1st row

Unlimited, Brew and Silver Smoke are my picks in this first row as they are easy to swatch/blend and can be used on the lids on its on as they are very pigmented, whereas Paper is my least favourite ‘cos its so very chalky. Soft Glow, Buff, Highlite and Angel are pretty highlight colours to be used on the brow bone or in the inner corner of the eyes. 
2nd row

In this row it seems that only 3 colours have the most shimmer in it and they are the shades Lowlite, Golden Night and Gold Digger. These 3 colours would be gorgeous on the eyelids and then peck a bit of Blue Stars on the outer corner of the eyes and wallah smokey eyes done. Almost There is just as its name ie not pigmented, Uncover and Barely Pink may not show well on my lids but I could deepen the colour by using a wet brush and Cheerless is also a very pretty deep purpley gold colour. 
3rd row

This has to be my favourite row in this palette, so so pretty, don’t you think so? Smudge is almost matte, there’s barely any shimmer in it which is perfect for the crease. Shimmer Heart is kind of like a metallic white colour which can be used on the inner corners of the eyes. As for the eyelids, Universal, Copper Shimmer, Medal, Darkest Shimmer and Tarnish would look stunning on any skintone. 

4th row

The first 2 colours in this row, Pure Chocolate and Raw are matte, Red Night and Burgandy Nights are pretty similar to each other but the latter is a bit darker. Molton Chocalate is a gorgeous dark brown with gold shimmer. Green Stars is just like its name – breathtaking green colour with gold shimmer. Cafe Noir actually looks like a dark metallic grey colour and Night can pass to be your regular metallic blue-black shade, which is amazing.
Although this palette consist glitter/metallic/shimmer eyeshadows, some of the shades are useable for everyday use in my opinion. You can also opt the darker colours for special events/date nights etc.  
  • My Review :  What I like about this palette that its very versatile in terms of the colours of the shades as I can use it either for my everyday eye makeup look and/or for special events. The quality of these shades are far more easier to use/handle compared to the Flawless Matte Palette and though there are fallouts (but not as much as the other palette), I don’t really mind that much.
  • My Rating : 4/5 stars
4. The Matte Blush – Fusion

They had a few of shades offered during the sale but I had to limit my blush choices and ended buying this coral shade which looks like a warm pink shade when swatched on my skin. 
To start off, I love the packaging. It doesn’t feel cheap although it is plastic but its quite hard. Comes in just the right size, not too big nor too small, perfect to store in my everyday makeup bag. The only downside of this blush that the compact doesn’t come with a mirror, which is not a big deal. 
It is definitely matte, no shimmer/glitter in the blush. Definitely blendable, buildable with a light hand. At first I was scared this colour will not show on my NC42 skin but suprisingly it did. It may look like a bit pinkish swatched on my hand but on the cheeks it came out more of a peachy coral colour. 
  • My Review :  Not the most pigmented blush I’ve tried but hey for the price I paid, its still worth the buy. Better than most of the drugstore blushes sold here in Malaysia, anyways. Will probably get the other colours next time.
  • My Rating : 3.5/5 stars

5. Iconic Blush, Bronze & Brighten – Golden Hot

The last item in this haul is the trio set ie the bronzer + blusher + highlighter in 1 palette. When I saw this I knew I had to get it,  just look at the gorgeous shades. Although, I don’t think I can contour much with the bronzer shade cos it does contain a bit of shimmer in it, but it does show up nicely on my skin. The highlighter is just so darn pretty I can’t enough of it and the blush gosh, how can you not love it?
  • My Review :  Adore this! Packaging is sleek, comes with a mirror and the size is just nice. Colours payoff are amazing, pigmented not chalky at all. So worth the price!
  • My Rating : 4/5 stars
My favourite haul so far. Worth the $$, no regrets. If you haven’t tried MUR, I recommend you to try at least one of their products. You will definitely fall in love instantly. They used to have a Malaysian website, anyone knows why its no longer available?
To those who has tried MUR products, what/ which products are your favourites? Do share pleaseeee in the comments below!
Till then,
Disclaimer : This is a personal blog. All content provided in this post and blog are for informational purposes only. I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. Any views belong solely to the me and I do not represent those of people or organisations that I may or may or may not be associated professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated. 

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