29 Lessons in 29 Years

I don’t know about the other 1987 babies but turning 29 was rather a big deal for me. I celebrated turning my last 2 digit few weeks ago and truth to be told I was somewhat very nervous. Never have I ever felt this anxious (except getting married, of course) before, when a sudden realisation came to my mind a day prior I officially turn 29.  Guess what was the sudden realisation? I finally understood why people have been saying “Life begins at 30”

For the past decade I have been living the TIME of my life. From the day I turned into a 20 year old I felt so adult-ish. Little did I know that I had a looong way to go. I wanted to do my own things, made decisions without weighing the consequences, too proud to listen to my parents’ advices etc etc. But having said that, I have no regrets. None at all. Of course there were things that I did were better off not doing in the first place, but hey I think I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t go through what I had to go through during my 20s. 
I cannot confirm this for everyone but I enjoyed my 20s. The past 10 years flew by like nobody’s business. Almost 10 years ago I was just starting my A-levels, meeting all sorts of people and being introduced to a whole new “world” entirely different from the one I was living in during my teens but of course with limitations. Thank you (for the limitations) Ayah and Ibu
Mid 20s I had the opportunity to study and live (alone) in a different continent, with different cultures and again, tons of experiences my 23 year old self would never imagined going through at that young age. Of course when I was 23 I didn’t feel young at all, in fact I felt I was old enough to make any decisions, on my own, and those decisions were the only right ones. WOW. I must admit, my mid 20s was my favourite “age” period so far. I definitely was going through the “wild and free” phase where I don’t care what my parents had to say, wanted to do and try lotsa new things especially because during this period I just got out from a terrible, horrible long term relationship which emotionally scarred me a couple of months after. Thankfully I had the best support system anyone could ask for and I bounced back slowly and steadily. Anyway thats a whole different story all together, would probably share with you guys one day, just for relationship educational purposes. Teeheee.

Reaching my late 20s had to be the most memorable moments, so far. Met my other half and got married (in my late 20s) which to be honest was a surprise for me. As I have always been a planner my whole life, I thought if I plan things properly, things will follow through accordingly. Heck no. For instance I thought I would settle down probably when I was around my mid 20s but I’m glad that didn’t happened. So on that note, here comes the list of lessons I learned for the past 29 years (or so) which I will limit it to only 29 lessons, just because.

29 Life Lessons from a 29 Year Old
1. Most of the time things will not go as planned. Don’t worry, time will tell. Without a doubt. 
2. Friends come and go. Deal with it. You are probably better without them. =)
3. Always, ALWAYS trust your instincts/gut feelings. You are the only person that knows your own self. Does that make sense?
4. Expectations are lovely but can be a deadly weapon if you heavily depend on it They can burn you into pieces, so best to place your expectations on a level you yourself is comfortable with.
5. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. 
6. You are never alone. Never.

7. You will encounter things that will scare and scar you deeply but always bear in mind that these things will pass (in due time) and your life must go on. 
8. Don’t dwell on certain things for too long, you cannot rewind time!
9. Never say NO to new opportunities. They came into your life, for a REASON. 
10. To always LOVE yourself first. Put yourself first in every single thing you do. 
11. Never trust blindly, you may never know who will stab you from behind or front, whichever comes first.
12. You’ll change, your friends will change, but change is good. Don’t shy away from it.
13. Enjoy making mistakes. One day you’ll laugh about it.
14. Some (or probably most) arguements are a waste of time. Pointless. 
15. Time is precious
16. Invest your time, energy, LOVE, wisely.

17. Think hard.

18. Definitely enjoy your single life as much as you can.

19. To always remember, your Parents are EVERYTHING. Never, and I mean NEVER neglect them even for a second.

20. College/Uni life was actually very entertaining. Enjoy this.

21. White lies may be fun to tell but they will come back and haunt you sooner or later.

22. Take excellent care of your body and health (in your early 20s) because when you get older it becomes harder for you to lose weight, remain fit, etc.

23. Different people you meet will have different intentions. Don’t be easily fooled. Read No.3 again.

24. Being alone is not a sin nor crime. Enjoy your time alone, you’ll thank me later.

25. Continue doing what you love doing ie for me it was reading and baking, never put anything on hold.

26. LOVE is very special. Try (if you can) limit your feelings until you are very sure he/she is the one for you.

27. Never too late to try something/anything new!

28. Save a fair amount of money for rainy days. You’ll never know when you need it!

29. Last, but not least, LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST. You’ll miss your younger years soon enough. 

How about you? Any life lessons you would wanna share? Comment away!


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