Finally Finished! #1

Halooooooooooooooooo gals and guys. Its midweek in the middle of the month and I’m broke. Like very, very broke. Thus I decided to blog on my product empties for the first time ever and I’m super stoked. Terubat lah sikit jiwa ni tengok barang-barang yang dah habis dipakai ie means my money was well (I hope) spent. *Justification on myself ALERT*

takdak la banyak mana pun…

Initially I wanted to post a monthly empties post but thinking back, I rarely have tons of products emptied by the end of the month. Hence I decided to kumpul my empties products to a satisfying amount then only I’ll round up a blog post on them. Right then, jom tengok what empty bottles and whatnot have I collected for the past few months.

daiso, bath and body works, daiso cotton puff, candle, bbw, boots, loccitane, product empties, essence, essence lash and brow gel mascara
Top Row (L-R) : 
-Bath and Body Works (BBW) Vanilla Bean Noel Hand Soap
-L’occitane Bath and Shower Gel
-Boots Mango Smoothie Shower Scrub
-Daiso Cotton Puff
Bottom Row (L-R) : 
-BBW Merry Cookie Scented Candle
-BBW Lilac Blossom Scented Candle
-Nuxe Brightening BB Cream 
-BBW Raspberry Vine Hand Sanitiser
-Watsons Olive Nourishing Facial Mask
-Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara
daiso, daiso cotton puff, nuxe, essence, watsons, facial masks

1. Nuxe Brightening BB Cream 

This has been long enough in my makeup stash that I am quite embarrassed to be having this still with me. I got this sample size off a beauty box some time ago and used it on days that I wanted a light makeup especially on hot, sticky days. This BB cream covers my imperfections very well but still feels very light on my skin as though there weren’t any BB cream product on my skin. Love this BB cream but don’t think I’ll repurchase this any time soon cos Nuxe is pricey manggggg. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think you can get Nuxe products at Sasa here in Malaysia. 
Repurchase? Not anytime soon.
2. Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara 
Reviewed this here.

Repurchase? Maybe. Depends.

3. Watsons Olive Nourishing Facial Mask 

If I am not mistaken, I got this FOC from Watsons. Nothing spectacular, just your regular facial mask. You can get these kind of masks physically at all Watsons or purchase it online here.

Repurchase? Maybe not.

4. Daiso Cotton Puff 
I love these cotton puffs/pads! Read and heard reviews about them online before purchasing it at my nearest Daiso branch and boy I regretted for not picking these babies up way sooner. First and foremost, this 1 box of cotton puff contains 90 pieces and for the price of RM5.30 you’ll get 2 boxes ie 180 pieces of cotton puffs. I am pretty sure you can get more cotton pads from different brands for a lot cheaper than RM5.30 but hey these puffs are great and come on, RM5.30? How can you go wrong with that price? Although these puffs are not as gentle as some other cotton puffs I’ve tried but they are so effing durable. They didn’t tear apart easily even though I reckon I was quite rough removing my makeup using these puffs together with the Biore Cleansing Water. They don’t leave streaky cotton residues on the skin (which I LOVE) and although they aren’t the softest kinds, they actually don’t feel harsh at all on the skin. I have no idea how/what formula they’re made of but they’re awesome for the price.

Repurchase? Of course!

5. BBW Raspberry Vine Sanitiser

Love this sanitiser and this is probably my 3rd/4th bottle? I bought a whole bunch of them during the last BBW sale, so I have quite a number of sanitisers to go through and this scent has to be my least favourite among the rest that I own. Nevertheless, been loving these sanitisers ever since I got them cos for one, they are soooo cute! Two, these sanitisers are so handy when you are out and about especially at food stalls/restaurants where you’re just too lazy to get up and walk to the sink to wash your hands before your meal. Without a doubt I will definitely repurchase these sanitisers once I am done with the ones I have now. Hehe.

Repurchase? Yes.

6. BBW Vanilla Bean Noel Hand Soap

My first ever hand soap purchase from BBW and hmm I’ve mixed feelings about this one. I don’t hate it nor love it either. I got this one was mainly because of the Vanilla Bean Noel scent that I freaking love and (of course) it was on sale. Heh. Though I must say it lasted me quite well there, almost 4 months of daily usage. This hand soap is very foamy and cleanses well IMHO though I have not tried other hand soaps so I cannot properly compare the quality. Will I purchase this again? Tough question. I probably would IF they’re on sale, will probably skip these hand soaps all together cos its not quite a necessity for me in my house. 😀

Repurchase? Probably, If on sale.

7. L’occitane Bath and Shower Gel 

Haha this is going to be embarrassing. This is actually part of my wedding hantaran back in December 2013. I know I know that’s a looong time to be keeping any product but in my defence, I only started to use this shower gel last year and when I moved out my parents’ place I didn’t take this with me. Hence, I only used this on weekends during my stay at my parents’. How did it fair? Wellllll, not quite as what I expected to be honest. I still prefer my RM7 Shokubutsu soap over this. 

Repurchase? Nah.

8. Boots Mango Smoothie Shower Scrub

Ah I love anything mango. Bought this during my trip to Chiang Mai late 2014, had a massive Boots haul (had one in Krabi too but not as massive, read about it here) when I was there. If you don’t already know, I super love Boots. Whenever I have the chance to visit Thailand (the nearest Region that has Boots) I must make my way to Boots. Again, together with the L’occitane Bath and Shower Gel (and among others as well) this shower scrub was also left behind at my parents’ crib. The scrub smells good, the texture of the scrub was bareable but I didn’t think it serves its purpose well. So far nothing can beat St Ives Body Scrub, IMHO.

Repurchase? Probably not.

9. BBW Merry Cookie Scented Candle
Anyone else is a candle freak like yours truly here? I began collecting my ever-so-growing candles collection the first time I laid my eyes nose on these BBW candles and had my first ever BBW shopping spree during their season sale late last year. That was when I got most of their candles for half the price! This Merry Cookie scent did smell like cookies, sweet and delicious. Took me long enough (approx 6 months) to finally finish this medium sized candle jar and I can now shop for other scents yeeehaaa.
Repurchase: Sure, why not.

10. BBW Lilac Blossom Scented Candle
I definitely prefer this mini size candles cos they burn much faster ie they finish faster ie I can get newer ones faster hehe. This particular scent has to be one of my least favourites just because I feel that the smell wasn’t as strong as the other BBW scented candles I tried.
Repurchase: Nope, not this scent.
So there you go. My boleh tahan panjang first post on my empties. Never thought I’ll enjoy an empties product post this much but I actually like doing this. Post like this makes me wanna finish up my existing products ASAP so that I can review AND purchase (or repurchase if they’re really good!) new-in store products. Hehe. The feeling of completing/finishing your products is the bestest feeling ever. Plus more space for new products yay! Cannot wait to finish another round of products WOOT WOOT.

Have you tried any of the same products above? 

Till then,

Disclaimer : This is a personal blog. All content provided in this post and blog are for informational purposes only. I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. Any views belong solely to the me and I do not represent those of people or organisations that I may or may or may not be associated professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated. 


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