Let’s Cook #4 : Easy Peasy Mini Pizzas.

Similar to my quick French Toast recipe here, I’ve searched (thank you Mr Google) high and low for other easy, quick breakfast meals that were fuss free and thankfully, I found this! Very, and I mean very easy mini pizza that does not require you to uli your pizza bread. Cannot believe I couldn’t think of this meal myself, ppfts. 

Without further ado, lets begin. The only ingredients that you need:-

– Gardenia bread / Pita bread
– Tomato sauce / Spaghetti sauce / Tomato Puree (ya know the drill);
– Loadsa Cheese! (if you’re a cheese lover like mua) Here, I used the Cheddar slices and Mozarella. You can use whatever cheese as you wish;

And for your toppings, this is the part where you can go all crazy!

– Any vege ie onions, olives, bell peppers, carrots. pineapples and the list goes on; and
– Any kind of meat ie sausages, chicken/beef slices, tuna etc etc
See? You don’t need a whole lot of stuff to prepare these mini pizzas and because this recipe is a simple one where you can literally do it in less than 30 minutes and perfect for the 8am-5pm working wives/mothers, you can whip these up right before you head on to face the morning traffic.
Okay, second step is so easy you can do it while waking up your husband. All you need to do know is:-
1. cut/slice/potong all your toppings and put them in bowls;
2. lay your bread(s) flat; then shout “Sayang, bangun!” in between;
3. slap on your chosen sauce on the bread(s) as much as like;
4. arrange (or campak like I did) your toppings the way you like it aha aha

and ta-daaa you’re done!

Eh wait, not quite done yet. I forgot the cheese unless you’re not a fan you can skip this step and terus masuk kan your pizza masterpiece into the oven and bake them gooood.

Orang kemaruk cheese memang macamni, slapped on 1 whole cheddar slice on each bread LOL

You are almost done! Put in your mini pizzas in the pre-heated oven at say 180c (depending on your own oven temperature ya) and leave them to grill for about 20 minutes or so while you can now continue to wake your husband/kids/cats up. 

Once the oven dah bunyi “ting” or you could smell your pizza burning, take out the pizza (be careful of your hands!) and serve them or place them in the respective Tupperware to be eaten on the way to the office.

Tip: Best served AND eaten HOT. And served with your favourite cuppa tea/coffee/milk/milo

Ta-daaaaaa siappp! That was easy, no? Its so friggin easy that I am so very embarrassed to be even posting this recipe up but meh I don’t care. I might need this in the near future just in case I forgotten how to do this. Yup I can be that forgetful. 

Do lemme know if you tried this recipe OR if you have an easier method to do this. Till then,


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