Life Lately #1

So yes, it has been a week since I’ve posted anything here. To be honest, I was just not in the mood to do just about anything. Plus, last weekend SS and I had the most intense trip in Singapore (will blog a proper post on this) which took almost all of our energy and excitement we had saved for Singapore. Blergh. Just thinking of the trip makes my blood go upstairs.
Anyhoo, I have actually loads of drafts waiting to be published but time isn’t just my best friend at the moment. I will try and publish most of the posts by next week cos I need to take proper photos for each post first. Trust me, these posts are worth the wait *hint birthday haul and freebies hint*
Other than that, life has just been meh. My favourite month, May, has not been the best so far but Alhamdulillah not the worst either. Some things did not go the way we planned, and some things we thought it would happen, didn’t. Quite a number of frustrations and disappointments lately but gotta put my head up high and always remember that Allah indeed is the best of planners and He knows what’s best for each and everyone, Insya Allah. This goes without saying that sometimes I tend to forget that having faith in Allah also means having faith in His timing. Hopefully, this misery of mine will disperse into thin air soon as I don’t know if I can handle this any longer. 

On a brighter note, few exciting (life) events are to be happening soon right before Ramadhan and I cannot wait to share with you guys here. I foresee very busy weeks ahead which also includes prepping myself (and the house!) for the month of Ramadhan. Hmm maybe I should start listing and practise cooking easy recipes for Sahur and Berbuka (Iftar) to properly prepare myself again? Seems like a legit idea now…… Probably could do a Ramadhan series or something hmm.. What do you think? 

Think this is about enough ranting on my life updates so far..Promise exciting posts will be right up,SOON

Disclaimer: Photos are from Google


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