Birthday Weekend Galore!

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Yesterday I turned 29. Ah yes the last year of ticking the “in your 20s” box. So what did I do to commemorate my special day? Well to begin, I celebrated throughout the whole weekend just cause it was a long “public holiday” weekend. Terbaik kan? 

The first celebration was on Saturday (30/4/16) with the fambam and we had dinner at Tony Roma’s Citta Mall. At first I wanted to have dim sum but seeing that usually dim sums are served during brunch and Saturday night was the only time everyone were free, so Tony it is. The reason why I had my birthday dinner with the fambam this early was because the parents had to leave to different countries on the 1st of May and it has always been a tradition in the family that we’ll have birthday dinners together which I would love to continue forevah.
During the dinner, my sister Naadira and both my parents presented gifts to me which caught me by surprise. Although giving presents to the birthday person has also been a continuous tradition in our family, TBH I did not expect any gifts this year mainly sebab dah TUA! Nevertheless, THANK YOU PARENTS AND SISTURR. Love the gifts I got, which I’ll share with you guys in a different post. 🙂
Next day, Sunday (1/5/2016) started off pretty well. In the morning I finished my laundry and ironed clothes for the brand new week and that took pretty much half of the day. Then I told SS I wanted to reward myself with A&W waffles and we did just that. To make it more memorable, 2 of our friends came and had A&w treats for tea together with us. 
Few hours later we then decided to sing our lungs out ie a karaoke session and without much thought we headed on to FireZone at Citta Mall. We got a room for the 4 of us and karaoke the night away for 4 hours straight. Went home with sore throats but a happy heart. Thanks guys. 🙂
And the special day came, Monday (2/5/16) I officially turned 29. I had the whole day planned out ie to have breakfast in KL, then dim sum for lunch, tea somewhere and finish the day with a quiet dinner with SS. Guess what, none of the things I planned happened. HAHA. 
Because we had a late night on Sunday, I told SS that he could play golf with his mates on Monday morning only if he promise to be back by noon which he did. Baguih. So on my 29th birthday morning, I had a lazy morning in bed, alone. YASS whole bed to myself. YASS. By noon SS was back and asked where would I like to go and I answered “Jom Sunway Pyramid jelah.” Initially I wanted to go to IOI Mall Putrajaya but surprisingly I felt lazy and wasn’t in the mood to travel that far. 
So we ended up in Sunway Pyramid, had Sushi King (wanted ShoGun but again wasn’t in the mood) and twas soooo good. Both of us were surpised with Sushi King’s new menu as we were Sakae Sushi’s loyal customers before, and now that Sakae Sushi doesn’t taste as spectacular as before, Sushi King has won our hearts again. Will definitely have our sushi dates at Sushi King from now onwards.
Oh and  I inserted a short clip of my husband being the clown as usual on my Instagram.
After our late lunch we walked a bit in the mall and ended up in Starbucks because the birthday girl wanted to have the new Summer drink which had Panna Cotta innit. Can’t remember what the drink is called but it tasted goood. Left the mall around 6, went home and rested for awhile then went out again with SS and my brother, Azmeer and he treated us the most delish tandoori chicken and garlic naan in our neighbourhood. 
So to sum up my birthday weekend, I had my favourite dishes for 3 whole days straight (except for dim sum which I will claim from SS soon) accompanied by my loved ones. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you fambam. ❤


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