Leaving my comfort zone? Eeeek.

Exactly today, a year ago, we moved into our first home together. I could still vividly remember how nervous I was living with a boy, just the two of us without parental guidance. 😈 I had mixed feelings tbh, scared and nerve wrecking but excited at the same time. 
It was my first time not living under the same roof as my parents, I didn’t know how to cook nor clean as fantastic as my mom would and to top if off, I’ll be living with a guy who wakes up very early (even on the weekends) in the morning and loves to cook + clean. Now can you imagine the amount of pressure I had to endure? Haha.
Nonetheless after a year living together, I can proudly say that I now can cook especially Malay dishes which are his favorites and my ironing has definitely improved! It ain’t such a big deal to most people but it is to me hehe. 
Frankly, I am not ashamed nor embarassed to be admitting all of these cos whats important to me is that I have forewarned SS before we got hitched and SS being the pain (in a loving way of course) that he is, he laughed and assured me that he understands and its not a big deal. He likes doing house chores anyway he said and he promised he’ll help around. True enough, he did and still is to this day. 
So to my SS, thank you. Thank you for being patient whenever I undercooked your rice, overcooked your sambal ikan bilis, missed a spot while mopping the house and the list goes on. Thank you for keeping your promises and I hope you’ll keep on being the man that I fell in love with 2 years ago. 
Oh right back to my house-niversary story, truth to be told, moving out from my parents was the best decision. It has taught me things I ought to learn ages ago and definitely turning me into a better wife and daughter. So this is an appreciation post (to the best decision we made in 2015) and here’s wishing more happy memories to be made in this house we call home.  
Getting out of your comfort zone isn’t too bad now, is it? All you gotta do is trust yourself and God that everything will turn out alright. 🙂
Till the next post,

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