Let’s Dine Out #4 : Murni Discovery @ Usj 9 Taipan

Greetings fellow readers! I know its been awhile since I’ve updated my blog, last week has just been cray cray. Thus, on that note do expect loadsa posts coming up (hopefully!) in these coming days. So today Imma start with what and where did I go for my weekly dining out sesh with the bubs and the rest of the gang.
murni ss2, murni usj, murni, pink panthe air
Anyone familiar with these drinks? ūüôā
As per usual my friends and I wanted to lepak and makan and chill somewhere that will not burn our pockets so someone suggested Murni which to be honest is usually our favourite place to have affordable huge drinks and delicious variety of food. 
If you are not familiar with Murni, this restaurant serves a variety¬†of drinks and foods, fusion style and their portions are huge. Oh and their food/drink names are interesting such as¬†Roti Beckham/Seafood/Hawaii to Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop to Mee Raja (their speciality!) and many, many more. As for drinks, you can go for my all time favourite, Pink Panther (mixture of strawberry and something something plus Nata De Coco) to I Love You/I Miss You or you can get the usual Teh o’ Ais. Yep, you’ll be spoilt with choices.
murni ss2, murni usj, murni

Summary of their menu 

I ¬†must admit something here, I am no risk taker when trying new foods especially if I found my ultimate favourite dish. For instance, whenever we are at Murni I’ll order the Pink Panther and switch in between Roti Beckham/Roti Hawaii/Roti Seafood. To think of it kan, I don’t think I have ever tried any other drink besides my usual. Gahaha so boring kan.¬†

Note to self: next time you’re at Murni PLEASE try a different drink.

However during this session a friend of ours bought us tacos from a foodtruck nearby so I ended up having that tacos and didn’t order my usual Roti which I regretted a few hours later. Heh. Must go to Murni again,soon.
SS on the other hand loves trying new dishes, and this time around he ordered the Nasi Goreng Seafood Chili Kongking (recommended!) which is very spicy fried rice served with seafood. His nasi goreng was very appetizing but I could only manage 2 spoons as it was damn spicy. He also ordered their Beef Meatballs which were a dissapointment, not recommended.
murni ss2, murni usj, murni, nasi goreng, nasi goreng murni
 Nasi Goreng Seafood Chili Kongking = RM12
murni ss2, murni usj, murni, meatball murni
Beef Meatballs = RM7

Nonetheless Murni Discovery has been and is still is one of my favourites places to dine especially when I really don’t know what to eat and am super hungry cos like I said earlier, their portions are huge which will definitely fill you up for quite a long time unlike you’re like my husband (cepat lapar) then I definitely recommend their very filling rice and noodle dishes rather than having their Roti dishes BUT their Roti dishes tu must try at least once okay?¬†
murni ss2, murni usj, murni, murni discovery
As of now, they currently have 8 outlets here in Klang Valley and I’ve only been to 4 of them ie SS2 PJ, USJ 9, Bukit Jalil and Sunway Mentari. The other 4 are located at Aman Suria, Kepong, Bandar Sri Permaisuri and Shah Alam.¬†
For more info you can check out their quite detailed website here —> Murni Discovery

Have you tried Murni? What’s your favourite dish? Do share!¬†

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