50 Random Facts About Me

Thought this could be a fun post to do eventhough there might not be anyone interested…but heck Imma do it anyway. 😀 Here we go!
1. I am an 80’s baby and 2016 will be my last year of being in my Twenties. eek!
2. I am the eldest child. 
3. Born, raised and lived in Subang Jaya, Selangor for 20 odd years of my life.
4. Studied and graduated from Oxford Brookes University, in the United Kingdom.
5. The year I was in the UK was one of my best moments in life. 
6. Never been apart from my parents up until the year I had to leave for Oxford.
7. And now married, I live 5 minutes away from my parents place. ahaks!
8. I love travelling but can never find enough money time.
9. I stand at only 158cm.
10. I took the PTS (the test that lets you skip Standard/Primary 4) in Standard 3 but     failed.
11. I love sports.
12. My late grandmother used to call me “Oshin” because apparently I look like the tv character named Oshin in the late 80’s Japanese tv show.
13. I have a love and hate relationship with rice.
14. I prefer baking than cooking.
15. I don’t mind being called a loner. Meeting and socializing with people is not my forte.
16. While shopping, I prefer to walk by myself as I don’t like the idea of people waiting for me.
17. 24 years old is my favorite age (as of to date).
18. Longest relationship I had was for 6 years.
19. I used to not like cats but now I’m a cat lover (this actually deserves a post on its own. Will do this soon) thanks to my hubs.
20. Growing up, we never had a kampung to go back to during Hari Raya. Both of my parents were raised in KL/PJ.
21. Hence, when I was a kid I always “lie” to friends that my kampungs were in Johor/Melaka/Perak just because Dad’s family originated from Johor and Mum originated from Melaka + Perak. Little that I know, none of my relatives live in those states anymore.
22. I am very bad at crossing roads on my own.
23. I had very bad acne skin while growing up.
24. I am quite a reserved person.
25. I never liked makeup until I turn 24. Percaya tak? LOL
26. I was the kinda girl whom lived in t-shirts and jeans during my teenage years. Imagine big, baggy t-shirt/sport jerseys and baggy jeans. I know, right.
27. While in school, I was called Gorilla, Godzilla, Sempit by the boys in my school.
28. I never liked my hair until I discovered that my hair was actually admired by girls cos it was tebal and wavy liddat.
29. I donned the hijab in 2014.
30. If  I need sleep, I must go to sleep.
31. I loved the color orange in school. Now I’m all about the white.
32. Met SS online. Yup. We were online lovers.
33. Sushi and Pizza are the delicacies I can eat repeatedly.
34. Growing up, I loved having future plans for myself.
35. But now, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED is my life motto.
36. Nothing can stop my Thai Green Tea addiction. Its the shiznit drink ever.
37. Not a morning person but beginning to be now as I married one.
38. If I could turn back time, I would love to venture into YouTube during my younger days.
39. Definitely a sweet tooth.
40. I love kids. Becoming a teacher was one of my ambitions.
41. Shopping takes a whole load of energy, thus I rather window shop.
42. I am a UK 10/12 gal but my shoe size is 5.
43. Strangers will assume I’m unpleasant because of my fierce face but little do they know I am actually very shy and quiet. See, never judge a book by its cover.
44. I don’t think I own any Zara clothing. (cos I think they are pretty pricey)
45. I love thrift-shopping / shop during Sales season etc. Yup, I’m a cheapskate liddat.
46. I can never remember the movies I’ve watched.
47. I think I will never outgrow Harry Potter.
48. I choose rainy days over hot blazing days anytime.
49. I may forgive but I will never forget.
50. Used to blog way back in 2008/2009 (good old college days) where I always pour my feelings and my daily rants/mishaps. Today, reading back my old posts, I’m glad I didn’t delete my old blog. It brings such entertaining memories. :’) Good for times where you just need to go back down that memory lane. 
There you go.. Phewwwww that took me a while. Anyone care sharing theirs? Would love to know!
Till then,

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