Let’s Travel #5 : Day 2 (15/2/16) Of pancakes, massages and motorcycle riding in Ao Nang.

Second day in Krabi was a free and easy kinda day as we agreed that only on the 3rd day we’d go on the Island Tour. After ending the 1st night in Krabi with full body massages, we woke up the next morning feeling so fresh and energised, all ready to explore Krabi by motorbike. Hehe
We rented our motorbike for the whole day, then off we go to find ourselves breakfast as we did not opt for the hotel breakfast cos we rather stuff ourselves with Thai food than the norm American breakfast. 
Mind you, being eager beavers that we are, we left our hotel around 8.15 am to start our 2nd day adventure only then to find out that majority of the local shops/stalls/vendors only start their business at 9am onwards. 
Thankfully we found 1 pancake and fresh fruit juice stall getting ready to set up a few blocks down our hotel main road. Nutella pancakes and fresh mango juice to start the day, PERFECTION. 

Tip: Whenever you are visiting Krabi, you can never go home without trying their Nutella pancake, or any pancakes that you fancy. ‘Fret not, you are able to find pancakes stall almost everywhere in Krabi, its impossible to not find them as they are the most searched for food for Krabi tourists, in my opinion.  

Sedap giler I don’t mind having them for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner AND supper

However, these pancakes and juices prices vary from stall to stall depending on where they are located, I presume.  The cheapest I found were THB30 and THB30 was the priciest per banana nutella pancake. Nevertheless, in my opinion, whether its the cheapest or priciest, they all taste the same ie DELICIOUS. Oh and I’m talking solely about the Banana Nutella pancake as that was the only pancake I had while I was in Krabi. Reason being, both Nutella and Bananas are 2 of my favourites, so why not have them everyday while I can? WIN.
Most stalls look the same
While having my yummylicious pancake, I’d usually pair it with my ultimate fruit shake whenever I’m in Thailand, mango shake. Or sometimes I would go for mango + banana shake just because I can. Muahaha. Oh Thailand do you know how much I love you so. Their shakes are all just pure fruits and ice of course. No added water nor sugar to the shake cos the fruits are naturally sweet already, bagus kan?
Favourite fruit evah, mango
So there we were, comfortably sitting down along the roadside enjoying our breakfast under the hot blazing sun. And because the food/drinks were quite cheap, undoubtedly we just had to ordered our seconds. 
Looking that our 2nd day was a free and easy day, we decided to go places on the spot ie there and then except that secretly I already know where I wanna go on that day. Hehe sorry bubs. I knew I had only the 2nd day to be able to shop at Boots and pick up a few Thai goodies, which I did! I’ve blogged about my Thai Haul here, go check it out if you’re wondering what possibly could have I wanted to purchase in Krabi. You’ll be surprised. 
We then found a reliable tuk-tuk guy whom was more than happy to accomodate and bring us to the places we wanted to go the whole day. We started off by going to Boots Pharmacy located in town but was teeny bit dissapointed as it wasn’t that big of a store compared to the ones in Bangkok. The items were not great either but having to travel quite a distance I thought to myself I just had to get something from Boots just because. And so I did, as blogged here.

Tip : If you manage to find a reliable tuk-tuk and you are comfortable with him/her, get hold on to them and plan your further arrangements with them as that will be an easier option rather than having to find a new tuk-tuk everytime you need to travel somewhere. Plus, if you “hire” him/her say for the whole day, he/she will usually offer you a cheaper rate than the usual rate they charge. AND not forgetting, now you’ll have a local companion that you are able to ask for opinions and suggestions on where to eat, etc etc. WIN.

Our favorite tuk-tuk ride of the day
After Boots, we headed on to Tesco to get the rest of my Thai things. Initially Tesco was never in the plan but our reliable tuk-tuk guy (oh Sulaiman was his name) recommended Tesco upon hearing that I wanted Thai food paste and such. And here I thought I could get these things off by the roadside or at the small supermarkets or something, never crossed my mind of looking for them at Tesco, which btw, was the best suggestion ever. 
SS and I had the time of our lives filling our Tesco cart with loads of Thai paste and whatnot. At one point we both looked at each other and realised we were not in Malaysia and had restricted luggage space we need to think of. By then our cart was halfway filled with goodies and heck no I was not gonna put them back. So yes, we got quite a number of things and thankfully we did not surpass our luggage weight limit phew. 

Tip : So if you are in Krabi and you LOVE/OBSESS with Thai food, head on to their Tesco or any big supermarket, you are in for a treat. You’ll be able to find the infamous banana milk, pad thai noodles, all sorts of Thai seasoning and so much more. Just remember that you have that annoying luggage weight limit, unless you’re not travelling economy then by all means, shop till you drop!

By the time we were done with Tesco, it was already lunch time. For lunch on the 2nd day, we went to “Lemon Restaurant” which was recommended by a number of travel bloggers. True enough, they were right. The food here was amazingly delicious that if only I had more space in my tummy I would have ordered and tried their other delicacies. I had their Pineapple Fried Rice which was so yummy I tak sempat offer sikit pun to SS and he had their Spicy Fried Rice + Fried Squid. His fried rice was superb but the fried squid was meh, could have done without the fried squid. Nevertheless that did not jeopardise our lunch all together at Lemon Restaurant. Definitely recommended to all Muslim travellers. 
Lemon Restaurant 
Ban Ao Nang, Krabi, 
Tel: +66 81 597 2400
Mon – Sun: Lunch to Dinner
After lunch we decided to rent a bike and discover the beautiful Island by ourselves. Oh and also we were on a hunt on finding the best masseuse parlour Krabi has to offer. Thankfully, we found our favourite massage parlour which we kept on returning to for the whole remaining 3 days we were in Krabi. Its called the Aonang Sunset Massage located inside the Aonang Sunset Hotel itself. Upon research, this was to deemed to be the best massage place in Krabi and we agree. On the 1st day we’ve tried various different massage parlours and none were great compared to this Aonang Sunset Massage. Its quite hidden and you may find difficulty on finding the place but ‘fret not, the town isn’t that big hence you’ll be able to locate it sooner or later. 
Image source from Google

Ao Nang Sunset Hotel
268 M.2 Ao Nang Beach,
Krabi 81000
Tel: +66 75 637441-2
Email: info@aonangsunset.com
First (ever!) bike ride with SS

Next on our to-do list, or rather mine, to have the coloured braids in my hair hehe. You can find tons of shops/salons that provide these services and the price ranges differently. The cheapest I found was THB100 which was equivalent to RM10.20 per braid, which TBH was way over my budget. I wanted to have a few coloured braids but because of the price, I decided to only have one which I regretted on the last day in Krabi cos I had a few hundred Bahts left to spend HAHA oh well. 

My THB100 investment on my head

We went back to our hotel in the evening, showered and rest, at  night we rode our bike to the Mosque area in Ao Nang and had our dinner in one of the shops located near the Mosque. However, our dinner on the 2nd day had to be our least favourite among all meals we had in Krabi. They overcharged us and the food were just tasteless and not yummy. 

Tip : For dinner, I suggest you try their local food at the many stalls located along the roadsides rather than big fancy restaurants, as personally I feel that these smaller stalls give you the authentic taste and experience of eating by the roadside. Plus, its a whole lot more cheaper than the larger restaurants so isn’t that good for your pocket? 😀

Our not so yummy dinner
We ended our 2nd night with a fabulous foot massage and went back to the hotel early as the 3rd day will be a long, tiring day. Will update our 3rd day adventure in the next post, stay tuned!

Which Thai Massage Parlours have you tried in Krabi? Do share below your recommendations and suggestions, I would love to know. Thanks for reading!
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