Let’s Dine Out #3 : Kueh13

My weekends are usually filled with family time cos I don’t get to see them everyday. Hence, if that one Saturday/Sunday everyone is around we will usually go out and have dinner together. So last weekend surprisingly everyone was at home on a Saturday night, apa lagi, I took the opportunity to “chup” everyone so that we could have a family dinner that night.
Gathering everyone was not the difficult part, deciding where to eat was. A few minutes of serious discussion went by when Ayah then said, “Jom lah we go to Kueh @ Seksyen 13”. Ayah being Ayah, the closer the restaurant/cafe is to home, the happier he will be. Haha. Reason being, he is just not a big fan of going through the usual big crowds on weekends. 
Kueh is somewhat like a cafe where they sell traditional Malay kuih muih but also a number of traditional main dishes as well. It was my first time here but have heard so much about it so I was excited to try them. 
Guess who? 🙂

Kueh is located at Seksyen 13, near the infamous Shah Alam Extreme Park and just opposite Laman Seri Business Park. If you are unfamiliar with Shah Alam, like mua, trust in Waze. Hehe. Just type “Kueh” and Waze will easily take you here.
Once you are in the area, lookout for a corner lot shop called “Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang” as Kueh is located next to it. Parking won’t be a hassle as there are many parking lots in that area and its all walking distance. 
The cafe is quite spacious especially its indoor area and its outdoor area can probably fit around 10-15 people at one time. We sat outdoors as you can see from the picture above and considering it was a hot day, the ceiling fans outside did a tremendous job in cooling us down. 
They are a self-service (you gotta order at the cashier) cafe but the boys were kind enough to bring the menu to us, probably cos we kept looking inside wondering if anyone were to take our orders. LOL. Nonetheless, that’s a plus point for Kueh’s customer service. 
Variety of traditional dishes
MUST TRY their smoothies. SEDAP!

Once everyone has decided what to have, placed our orders at the cashier and they gave us this numbered wooden dice-alike thingy. 
Caramel latte was ok not great tho’

Roughly around 15-20 minutes later we got our drinks and food which to be honest, were quite fast considering it was a Saturday night. I suppose cos there weren’t that many people at that time but hey no complains. All good.
I cannot recall who got what food exactly, but let the photos below show all the dishes we tried. Oh and you must try their Mango smoothie, it was so so good that I gulp it all down in under 10 minutes which then I realised it was SS’s drink. Thats why we ordered the caramel latte, to replace the smoothie I finished hihi. Sorry bubs.
Top (L to R) – Mango smoothie (4./5 stars) , Laksam (3.5/5 stars)

Below – Lontong (3/5 stars)

L to R – Soto Ayam (3/5 stars) , Nasi Tomato + Ayam Masak Merah (3/stars)
I forgot to snap my sister’s Laksa Utara which tasted so-so, I’ll rate it 3/5 stars. 
Then we ordered coffee and kuih muih for desserts, oh I forgot to mention that the choices of kuih were displayed at their cashier. Boleh tahan jugak lah the kuih variety, not bad. They also had bubur hitam that night, not sure if they have that everyday.
The star of the show
Overall, the name is the key. The kuih were the stars of the cafe, just like its name. No wonder the other patrons that night were having kuih and teh tariks, we were the only ones that had the main dishes. Haaaaa now I realised why our food didn’t take long to sampai. LOOOOL. 
Anyways, overall if I do revisit #Kueh13 (for that “posh eating Kuih Melayu ambience”) in the near future, I would probably just stick to ordering their smoothie and kuihs. BUT, don’t let me be the judge of your #Kueh13 experience. You might have better tastebuds than I do. 🙂
Kueh13 (IG @kueh13)
Address: Jalan Renang 13/26
               Seksyen 13 Shah Alam
Hours: 10am – 10pm
Overall rating : 3/5 stars

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