Let’s Cook #3 : Lady fingers and eggs in 1 dish?

Are you a fan of lady fingers aka bendi? and eggs? Then you might enjoy this simple dish. 
I love eggs. I can eat them everyday. As for bendi…. fun fact, I never did enjoy bendi while I was growing up, only recently je I’ve truly appreciate bendi. Haha. So yeahhhh…. This dish is 1 of my favourite dish to have on those lazy to masak days.  
The ingredients that I use:-
  • lady fingers aka bendi
  • 2 eggs (depending on the quantity of your bendi)
  • red onion + garlic, blended
  • oyster sauce aka sos tiram
  • soy sauce
  • salt
  • a bit of water in necessary

Sikit je kan? Yup it is very simple. Jom start.
Bendi, eggs, onion

1. Make sure you wash your bendi before cutting them up.
Slice ’em up 

2. Cut your bendi however shapes you want ’em to be, so please tutup sebelah mata looking at my different bendi shapes and sizes. Ini namanya amateur hikhik.
3. In a skillet, heat a bit oil and then start to tumis the blended mixture until fragrant and it changes colour. 
Ni terlebih sebenarnya haha.. agak-agak lah eh banyak mana nak tumis tu
4. Once dah bau wangi bawang tu, toss in the bendi and stir them for a few minutes then pour in bit by bit the oyster sauce until you are happy with the taste.
5. Pastu, put in the soy sauce for that pretty dark colour. You may skip this if you want. I personally suka main campak sos-sos ni.
Bendi mixed with the sauces

6. Next include the chopped onion into the skillet, seberapa banyak you like, and pour a bit of water to make the dish not too dry.
yup, i love my onions
7. For the last step, tolak the bendi mixture to the side of the skillet to make space for you eggs. Break the eggs and let them half cook before you mix the bendi altogether. Ala scramble eggs style.
star of the dish, EGGS
8. Cook the eggs mixture together with the bendi till you are satisfied with the look of your dish (haha) and of course sprinkle a bit of salt to ensure the taste is uumphhh!
9. And you are done! Sila makan dengan nasi kicap pun sedap.
ta-daaa! siap!
I know this might not be the right way to cook this dish but this is what I can do (so far) and yep its SS certified and its delicious and its super easy and it doesn’t take a whole lot of my time hehe. I am open to any suggestions, tips, pointers, do share with me pleaseeee. 🙂 
Until my next masak masak post, take care sweeties!

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