Confessions of A Bath and Body Works – holic

Eversince they opened their flagship store here in Malaysia circa 2014, I’ve been hooked to these babies so much that I have tons of backup just because I don’t want to run out of them. 
Now that I’m working somewhere near KL Sentral, I’m always finding myself to visit Nu Sentral more often than I need to. Bath and Body Works (BBW) will, without fail, be the first shop I’ll hop into everytime I am in Nu Sentral. They (unfortunate to my pockets!) are constantly having promotions and sales that are too good to resist, which in the end I’ll end up buying more BBW items than I should. *insert looooooong Sigh here*
So this post is actually a reminder to myself that up until March 2016, I still have a number of BBW items in stock and that I don’t need to buy anymore until every single item I own at home is finish. Also, of course, to share with you gals/guys that hoarding BBW items are so worth your $ and convincing you on why you should start loving these babies too. Hehe
From their range of body spray, lotion, air freshner and many many more, I for one, am their biggest fan of their candles. Oh my gosh you guys, their candles are to-die-for! First of, they have a wide range of scented candles AND they ocassionally have different scents almost every month! Last X’mas they had their holiday range and oh wow I couldn’t get enough of their Vanilla Bean Noel scent that I got a number of BBW items particularly of that scent only. That is how much I love the Vanilla Bean smell.
So anyway, come let me take you on this ride I call, the “Confessions of a BBW-holic”. Brace yourselves. 
Let’s start with my most favourite items, their Candles. I usually will go for their mini ie 1.3 oz Candles which only cost RM20 per piece. I rather have loads of mini candles so that I can change to other scents frequently if I ever get bored of that one smell. 
Unless the scent that I want is not available in the mini sizes, then I will opt for their medium candles  ie 4oz which cost RM45. I rarely purchase the 3 wick candles which is the biggest one because of its price which is pretty pricey for me. 
The candles in the pictures below were my purchases from middle towards end of last year except for the 3 wick candle which I got early this year as it was on sale. These are the only candles I am left with and I cannot wait for them to burn out cos my hands are itching to get their new scents.
(L-R) top to bottom – Sparkling Confetti, Merry Cookie, Vanilla Bean Noel
Rainforest Gardenia, Vanilla Bean (Ultimate favourite!)

If you’re a fan of the vanilla scent, you should definitely get this. This is my all time favourite candle scent from BBW
I’ve just started to use this so I can’t elaborate much on the scent. So far it does smells like rainforest ie the smell after a rainy day. I loikey. Oh and this was half price too at JPO

The only 3 wick that I own and have yet to use it. Got this half the price, hence the purchase. Plus super love the gold stripes on the jar
These were their seasonal (X’mas) scents. Both smell so effing delicious, rasa cam nak makan oi
The life span of these candles can last you so long, even if you are like me, whereby you’ll light them up until you are happy that the whole house smells like your favourite smell! Hihi. Siapa tak suka rumah bau wangi, kan? 
Next favourite items are their pocketbag sanitizers. Ohemgee you guysssss, I’d never thought I would go crazy over these sanitizers but I was soooo wrong. These cute pocketbag sanitizers caught my eyes while I was in their JPO outlet last year, and yes, they were having a huge sale. Sorry but I can’t remember how much though, it has been too long gahh. Will try and update here if I manage to remember ok? ❤
Anyway, so I got their pocketbag sanitizers in different scents and 1 sanitizer holder just so that it will be easy for me to just hang it on my handbag and not fumble in my handbag while on the go. 
These babies also will last you a pretty long time, I have them for almost a year now 😮
BBW is also known for their body products but I don’t quite hoard them unless they’re on sale because for me personally they only smell good but cleaniness-wise, I better stick to the normal drugstore body wash products. 
But hey, don’t let my opinions stop you from trying their body products. It could be just me cos I do have sensitive skin, thus BBW body products may not have the “right” element for by skin type. 
As for body mists/sprays, I love them! 
Got the whole Vanilla Bean Noel range as BBW was having their seasonal clearance sale end of last year and all of these were 50% off. *hooyeah!*
Last but not least are items that were kinda impromptu purchases haha. Ni namanya lupa diri ye kengkawan. I saw the pretty candle holder and the wallflower bulb + diffuser looked interesting, I thought I might just give it a try. The wallflower bulb is quite pricey but it does last a lot longer than the candles. The downside is that it uses electricity, soooo ….. ya know which one I’ll prefer.
Phewwwwww. Thats a long post. Hope ya’ll had fun reading this educational *wink* post on BBW (if you haven’t already know about BBW, which I doubt you don’t) and big thank you for stopping by my blog! 
What’s your favourite BBW item? Let me know in the comments below and I might just go and purchase it during my next trip to BBW. Hehe.
Disclaimer : I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. I am also not an affiliate with the abovementioned company. 
Till then,

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