Let’s Travel #4 – What I Pack For A Trip : Toiletries

Packing has always been a big challenge for me. Anyone feels the same? I love travelling but loathe packing. How I wish someone will invent a machine where it can pack for you without you going through the hassle (and pain!) of packing for your trip.
Anyhoo, before I start packing for a trip, I would usually pack my toiletries first before packing my clothes and makeup things. Why? Sebab for me, toiletries are the easiest and are generally things that you could grab just within your reach AND you don’t have to think much of what you need for your toiletries as they are all your skin basic needs ie facial cleanser, moisturiser, sun block etc. 
I typically pack my toiletries and makeup things in different bags. I got my toiletries bag from mysale.my a long time ago, which was from the brand Diva. I have been looking for that particular design/shape and when I saw it was quite cheap, I just had to grab it. No regrets thereafter.
This toiletries bag is quite spacious and has quite a number of compartments which is always a good thing. I can stuff all my skincare essentials without worrying it could not zip up or bulky. And the best part is that I can hang this bag anywhere and not worry the bag would get wet.
I can hang behind the door or at the towel rack for easy usage

Now, lets get to what are the regular things I pack when I travel. I try to travel light every time but always ended up packing extra clothes. So what I do is I will try to travel light when it comes to toiletries hehe. Therefore, I will always pack samples or travel size of every skincare/hair essentials that I might need during my holiday. 
As for my 3 step skin care routine, I bought (at Guardian) the Simple facial cleanser, toner and moisturiser which came in small pouch and has lasted for a number of trips now. Then I pack along my Clinique overnight surge mask which I got from JPO for half of the price. The rest are add-ons which might not be necessary but I just gotta be prepared. I packed Boots eye gel that I got from Chiang Mai, a few random masks, a sample CC cream and few salonpas for SS. Oh and not forgetting my dental essentials which sometimes I just leave them out because most of the hotels will provide these.
My skin care/ hair essentials in mini sizes

The additional essentials 

Oh and as for body spray and/or perfume, I’ll transfer my full size body spray into a mini bottle that I got from Mr Diy, which you can read more here , and I’m good to go! As for perfumes, I don’t own small size ones so usually I’ll just bring my full size bottle and pray it won’t break into pieces.

My go to travel essentials 

Those 2 black bags are my makeup bags 😀
What about you? Do you pack your normal sized products or you live with the sample products whilst on holiday? Do share! Would love to learn different packing techniques. Hehe.
Thanks for reading loves and have a great week ahead!
Till then,

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