Let’s Cook #2 : Quick (< 10 minutes) French toast with a twist!

Among my family and friends, they all know I am not a great cook. Growing up I rather bake than cook. Then when I got married I found out my husband is an excellent cook. Ha, kalut la kan, more pressure for me haha. Soon after I started to browse through cookbooks and online (easy!) recipes for me to try and for SS to taste hehe. Oh and suddenly my FB friends started to share and flood all these recipe videos which looked so easy to do. Bingo. 
So one day I stumbled upon this easy, 3 ingredients french toast for breakfast/snack recipe which it had a secret ingredient in it, Nutella. Thought to myself, this is so easy don’t think I can mess this up. Indeed, I didn’t mess it up phew! Come, let’s get right into it.
The 3 ingredients you’ll need:-
  • Bread
  • Nutella (I didn’t have Nutella but I have a cheaper version of chocolate + vanilla spread, Delfi)
  • Egg

The 3 you-can-easily-find ingredients in your pantry
First, spread your filling (doesn’t have to be Nutella, you can use peanut butter / jam) on to your bread. Prepare as many bread slices as you want. 
Spread ’em as much as you want

Next, crack and lightly beat an egg (or 2 depending on your bread slices) into a plate with a fork. Here I foolishly beat the egg into a bowl which made it difficult to dip the bread into the egg. Try and coat the bread with as much egg as you can so that later when you fry the bread it will turn out crispy and yummy.
Sorry for the blur photo, but yeah this is roughy how I dipped the bread into the egg in a bowl

I used 1 egg for 4 slices of bread, although I think I could have used 2 eggs to get well-coated bread slices for that crispy fried taste.

1 egg = 4 slices

Now, its frying time! Heat a bit of oil for frying, once hot, fry the bread.

Fry the bread till golden brown (or whenever you are happy with the color) and serve ’em together with your favourite morning drink. In my case, it has to be Milo!

Ta-daaa! A less than 10 minutes delicious breakfast

Trust me, this is such a simple, quick but very tasty dish that even your lil’ ones can help you out. Have fun making your own toast rendition!
Have you tried a similar recipe like this? Share with me in the comments below, will ya? 🙂
Till then,

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