Let’s Travel #3 : Day 1 (14/3/16) We are here, Krabi!

Heyya everyone! Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts this past week. I’ve been so caught up with work (and life) that I had no chance to sit down even for 5 minutes to draft my posts. Sigh. But I am determined to blog about my recent to Krabi before I start to forget the important details. So let’s start!
I booked our flight tickets (AA) + 3 1/2 star hotel through Expedia somewhere in January 2016 and surprisingly they had pretty good deals despite I wanted to travel less than a month prior to the booking. For return (AA) flights (KUL-KBV-KUL) + 4D3N hotel, the total amount came to RM1600 for 2 pax. I am sure you can get much cheaper flight (AA) rates ie RM39 one way to Krabi, but I still think we got a pretty reasonable deal. hehe
Our flight was at 7 am, we arrived at KLIA2 around 530 am, check in our luggage and roam around the airport till it was boarding time. Both SS and I did not sleep the night before, we were drained by the time it was boarding time. 
My 2 favourite travel companion; SS and a book
The early morning flight to Krabi that day was full with people! And to make it worst, SS and I were located in different seats/aisles. I didn’t know how this happened but for this flight I did an online check in and AA being AA kan, I didn’t get to choose our seats. Or maybe because the flight was so full and we checked in quite late. that they had no other same aisle seats. Oh well.
 I didn’t realise we were seated differently until we were in the plane and SS pointed out our aisles were different. Thankfully the seats were not too far away from each other. I took the seat in front of him and we held hands throughout the flight which was pretty sweet tbh hehee. 
Mental note to self: Do not check in last minute!
The total travel time from KUL-KBV is 1 hour 20 minutes, and Krabi is 1 hour early than KL. So we arrived in Krabi around 720 am Krabi time (820 am KL time) and alhamdulillah the flight was smooth. SS slept during the whole flight, I had on and off naps. So after clearing through their Customs and all, we got ourselves a THB200 / RM20 sim card each with unlimited data for 3 days which was just perfect for us. 
We took a cab from the airport to transport us to our hotel and it cost about THB600 /RM60 for a 40 min journey. No complains there, comfortable cab, for the amount we paid, so ok lah. Janji sampai hotel dengan selamat. We stayed at Aree Tara Resort which was located within the Ao Nang area and there were loads of halal stalls/restaurants nearby the hotel proximity which was one of the reasons I decided to stay here. Normal check in hours for hotels are at 1 pm kan, so we left our luggage at the hotel and told them we’ll come back by 12 pm to check in. The hotel personnel were all very friendly and accomodating, big thumbs up for Aree Tara.
The hotel entrance

We rented motorbikes here – in front of our hotel 

THB200 / RM20 to rent a bike for the whole day

Our bike on the 1st day 🙂
Since we had no plans/activities on the 1st day, we decided to just ride and walk around Ao Nang area and eat Thai delicacies as much as we could feed ourselves on the 1st day. You can easily find Halal food stalls/ restaurants here in Krabi which is a plus point for me. And because there were many food stalls to choose from, either you can do your own research on where/what are the recommended stalls/restaurants or you can be like SS and I, just try and error the stalls for delicious Thai food. We both love Thai food, so we had nothing to lose anyways. More food to try (and eat) ! 😛
My first Thai food of the day – Pad Thai. (3/5 stars)

By 12 pm we were so tired we decided to return to the hotel and check if our room was ready. Thankfully they were very efficient and we checked in our room before 1 pm. The room, I tell you, it was so pretty and just nice for the two of us. The hotel personnel gave extra effort in decorating our room with rose buds. I was so mesmerised that I forgot to take other photos of the room but ‘fret not I have compiled video snippets in my vlog which I will be posting it in another post. So stay tune for that ya. 🙂
I love it when the hotel gives extra effort like this
We bathed, rested and slept until 4 pm but had to wake up because we were hungry. Haha. So we walked to a restaurant just in front of our hotel and had our early dinner. The food was so delicious that I told SS, “later for dinner I wanna eat again.” SS looked at me and smirked. So glad he was just as crazy as I am and when it comes to delicious food, both of us can never say no. Diet? What diet? You are not allowed to go on diet while in Thailand. Trust me. You’ll thank me later. 
Sweet sour (fresh) fish, tomyam & fried garlic prawns
and of course for dessert, mango sticky rice + Thai green tea
We ended our 1st day with just riding our bike around and scouting cheap food stalls and massage parlours. Oh and we had our full 2 hour body massage for only THB500 / RM50. Cheap kan? We had body massages for all 4 days we were there. Haha! 
So that was the end of our 1st day. It was a free and easy 1st day filled with delicious food and 5 stars body massages. 
Will update our Day 2 soon. Stay tuned! xx

Oh and my favourite banana milk in Thailand. Found it in 7e 

Recommendation Summary (Day 1) :

Hotel : Aree Tara Resort (4 stars) – Ao Nang Soi 8

Bike Rent : Baan Kure Ngern – opposite Aree Tara Resort

Tom yam : Restaurant Klang Soi – near Aree Tara Resort

p/s :  Watch out for our Krabi vlog soon to be uploaded in these few days! 
Till then,

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