Let’s Travel #2 : Holiday Haul : Krabi, Thailand

Hye everyone! 1 more day to the weekend, aren’t ya’ll excited?! I know I am. 😀
So, I know I still haven’t blog properly about my recent trip to Krabi… but I promise I’m gonna post it as soon as SS is done editing the Krabi videos. I think I’m gonna split the Krabi posts by days, so each day/post there will be a short video summarising the events we had on that day. Cannot wait to share my fun experience in Krabi with you guys! 🙂
Hence today, I’ll share a few stuff I got in Krabi though there were not much things to shop for in Krabi. Nevertheless I justified my buying (to my husband) with the “you can never get this in Malaysia” card. It works every single time. *grins*
Come, I wanna share with you what interesting things you can get while in Krabi.
** note : At the time I was in Krabi the exchange rate was 1THB = RM1.20 which was ridiculous. It used to be 1THB = RM1 back in the days. Sigh RM. 
For a Thai food lover like me, I would try and search for Thai paste or anything close to that to bring home with me. Hence, I decided to drop by their local Tesco called Tesco Lotus and began my search for pad thai noodles, green curry paste and such. Thankfully, I found them! Kalau tak tadi, for sure the hubs will pull a sour face for dragging him to Tesco in Krabi. It felt like having our own house in Krabi and we were out grocery shopping. haha!
The most wanted items I’d search for high and low; pad thai noodles & 3 in 1 Thai tea

Green curry paste, basil paste, chili paste, pad thai paste. yess!

Then I found these Thai green tea & regular tea powder along the streets near our Hotel. Score!
Regular Thai Tea = RM12 but got it for RM9 each as I bought 4 packs 😛
My favorite tea amongst all; Thai Green Tea. I can have this everyday, I swear

Next on my shopping list was Boots. If you are not familiar with Boots, it is a pharmacy store (just like our Watson & Guardian) which also sells affordable makeup. I loved Boots back when I was in the UK, and was devastated upon knowing Malaysia doesn’t have them. I think its about time to bring Boots to Malaysia, don’t you think so? Anyways, whenever I travel to Thailand, I will try my ultimate best to visit Boots and purchase as many Boots goodies as I can. 
Most of the time I will only purchase items from the Boots range as they are rather affordable compared to the other brands, especially their hair range. So when I found these Avocado & Macadamia shampoo, conditioner & hair serum I know I just had to get them. Oh and I got their tea tree facial cleanser just because it smelled so good hehe.

They were having Buy 2 free 1 for their Boots range. Double score!

Last but not least, whats a holiday without souvenirs for your loved ones back home? I love buying these whenever I travel. Be it keychains or fridge magnets, for me, whenever I receive these from people I am touched that they remembered me while on vacation. (brownie points for these kind-hearted people!)
Various fridge magnets for them back home. 🙂
What do you usually look for in a foreign country? Share with me loves!

Till then,
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