Jessup Brushes from Ali Express. Worth the buy?

Hello dearies! I have been neglecting my blog for the past week and I feel so guilty for not updating regularly. But hey promise March will be a better blogging month hehe.
Today’s post is a “read-together” post on my previous AliExpress haul which if you have not read it, you can quickly read it here. So now I am going to briefly review the Jessup brushes mainly also because I have just started using them last week. 
As I mentioned in the earlier blog haul post, I got the 15 pcs Jessup brushes in the colour purple and gold. And ladies, trust me when I say they are OH SO GORGEOUS. 
The brushes were carefully bubble + plastic wrapped
As stated in the website, the handles are made of wood and the hair of the brushes are from synthetic hair.
All 15 pieces were placed in plastic covers to protect the hairs

Ok so, in this 15 pcs set there are 8 pcs of brushes for the eyes + lips and the remaining 7 pcs for the face.
L – R: Small eyeliner, Lip brush, Flat definer, Small tapered blending, Large fluff, Short shader, Tapered blending, Blending

These 3 eye brushes are very important to get beautiful blended eyeshadow on the eyelids. 
L to R :  Small tapered blending, Tapered blending, Blending
Now to the face brushes. There are 2 concealer brushes, one large and the other a normal sized brush. 
There is alse a duo fibre brush for the cheeks, powder and tapered brushes. 
A large powder to powder the whole face and a tapered highlighter brush to apply highlighter on the highlight points of the face.
So far I’m loving the brushes I got, and for the price I paid? Hey, ain’t complaining at all. In fact, the brushes pick up the product so well that I forgot I paid roughly RM5.20 for each brush. They work so well that I might just get their other brushes in the near future. Heh.
If you are looking for good quality brushes and are not over priced, I totally recommend you to get these brushes. They are really use to use, blend etc perfect for beginners or even pro makeup lovers. 
They do also sell single brushes if you just want to first try out the brushes and you don’t feel like buying the whole set. And since its free shipping, you can place multiple orders multiple times without worrying over the pricey shipping fees. Gotta love AliExpress. 🙂
Have you bought anything from AliExpress? Any favourite things and sellers on AliExpress? Share with me in the comments below! Till the next post, much love!
Disclaimer : I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. I am also not an affiliate with the abovementioned company. 

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