Let’s Cook #1 : Ikan bawal sweet sour

Hi semua! Hari ni Mira nak share resepi simple sweet sour campak-campak yang sesuai untuk dimasak dengan ikan goreng. Kenapa Mira panggil campak-campak? Sebabnya bahan-bahan yang dipakai untuk resepi ni bukan bahan-bahan “original” untuk masakan sweet sour yang sebenar. Hewhewhew.
Oh and actually dish ni was cooked by my husband ie the Main Chef in our home. Mira masak sayur je masa ni. Hakhak. The vege dish will be uploaded soon. Ok jom start.

Bahan-Bahan / Ingredients:-
1 medium sized fish (any kind)
1/2 thumb size of ginger / halia (cut into slices)
1 big green chili / cili hijau (cut in the middle into 1/2)
1 medium size Japanese onion / bawang jepun (cut into slices)
Tomato sauce
Chili sauce
Fish sauce
Tomato puree / Pati tomato (if needed)
Corn Flour
Turmeric powder
Tamarind / Asam Jawa (ping pong ball size)
Leek / Daun Bawang (for garnish)
1. Cover the fish with turmeric powder 
2. Pour a bit of corn flour on the fish
3. Heat oil, once hot fry the fish
4. Fry fish as above, not too crisp
5. Meanwhile.. slice the ginger
6.  and onion..
7. Heat 2 tbsp oil, sauté the onion & green chili

8. The 2 sauces we used, to taste better add also Plum Sauce

9. Pour about 2-3 tbsp of Tomato Sauce
10. Chili sauce (if needed)
11. About 1 tbsp Fish sauce

12. Put the tamarind in hot water & use 1/2 small cup of tamarind juice and pour into the dish
13. It will look something like this
14. We wanted more of a reddish colour so we used the Tomato puree 
15. Tadaa now its red in color 
16. Once all cooked, pour the sweet sour campak-campak sauce onto the fried fish and dig in!
You can decorate the dish as however you may want it to be. Bon Appétit! 🙂

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