Let’s Dine Out #2 : Free (Nandos) Chicken?!

Heyya! Happy Monday! I am currently hungry while typing this, did not manage to get breakfast as I had a meeting earlier at 8.30am. I know right, who does meetings at 8.30am on Mondays?
Anyway, the day after we arrived from Krabi I felt like wanting to eat chicken. Reason, we stuffed ourselves with seafood for the 4D3N we were in Krabi. Had to cleanse back our bodies, and what better way to do it, by eating chicken of course yums.
So while I was browsing my phone for options, I remembered Nandos. I opened the Nando’s Malaysia App and true enough, I have 1 whole chicken to be redeemed. Score! 
You see, Nando’s has this programme called the PERI-Vilege Programme whereby for every RM30 excluding service charge (minimum spending) for each visit to Nando’s you’ll collect 1 Chilli. Chilli = Rewards. Every 3rd, 6th and 9th visit, you’ll get the respective chicken. 
Below is how part of the App looks like. Every 3rd = Quater Chicken, 6th = Half Chicken, 9th = Whole Chicken
As you can see, I’ve collected all 9 chillies. Time to collect new ones!
Easy peasy, no? All you gotta do is eat chicken and you’ll be rewarded!  So I’ve joined the PERI Vilege-Programme since late 2014 and to date (16 Feb 2016) I have redeemed all 3 FREE chickens. So it took me long enough to make 9 visits to Nando’s LOLs.

Whole Chicken Redemption unlocked!
Sorry guys, totally forgot to snap photos of the whole chicken, SS and I were too excited to be sharing A WHOLE FRIGGIN’ CHICKEN (which obviously we couldn’t finish it & had to tapau-ed) just the two of us. So you can imagine how greedy and hungry we both looked. 

Our dish for the day: Whole chicken + 1 regular side dish (wedges) + 1 bottomless soft drink

The happy face finishing half of the chicken. The other half we tapau-ed.

Oh! Guess how much was our total bill? RM12.60 only for the whole meal. *wide grin*

Double score!

Come enjoy this PERI-Vilege Programme before they end it, which I secretly hope Nando’s Malaysia will not do so. 
Easy steps you’ll need to do:-
1. Download the Nando’s Malaysia App on your mobile phone.
2. Register using your mobile number.
3. You’re done! Start collecting your chillies i.e EAT CHICKEN!
Disclaimer : I purchased everything in this post using my own money. I am also not an affiliate with the abovementioned company. 

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