Let’s Travel #1 : Short Getaway? Try Amverton Cove @ Pulau Carey

Hye lovelies! How is your week so far? Hopefully all is well and dandy. Its finally Friday and I cannot wait for the weekend. Teeheeee
During the long CNY weekend, my extended family and I had a short weekend getaway at Amverton Cove. This Golf & Island Resort is situated somewhere at @ Pulau Carey. It has an 18 hole beautiful course for the golfers, relaxing Spa for the spouses and many outdoor activities for the adventurous kiddies. The journey was only about 40 mins drive from my place, Kota Kemuning.

We call ourselves the AshBurn Clan ie AshBurn is actually the translated (into English) name of my grandfather i.e. Abu Bakar. His children (my mom + 3 brothers) will take turn every year to organize a getaway just to ya know, gather everyone and spend quality time with each other especially my grandfather, Tok Burn.
Alhamdulillah, this year’s gathering recorded a full quorum from all 4 families, unlike previous years, some were studying abroad. All in all, there were about +- 30 of us. 

We checked in on Saturday around 3 pm and then at 5 pm we had Hi-Tea followed by a few exciting activies. Sadly, it was raining heavily thus we had to continue our games indoors which wasn’t that miserable as it sounded. We were divided into 4 groups and boy were we competitive! 

Heavy rain

Dad & Bro competing against each other. They had to transfer 1 rubber band (on the table) to the straws without using their hands.

See the girl in grey hijab? Thats me laughing so much till I cried a little. We had to pull a thread (which had a pear tied to it) and 1 team member must bite and finish the pear as quick as he can.
This cousin of mine was trying so hard to bite but failed tremendously.  Just look at his face. How can you not burst into laughter? Sorry Syahir!

One of their amenities, ping pong table.

ATVs for rent

Playroom for the small kiddos

After the activities we all jumped into the pool including this guy right here. He had high hopes to play at least 1 round of golf with the uncles but it wasn’t his day that day. hehe sorry hun 
After Maghrib, we continued our day with Dinner at a booked room. Usually Dinner time will be most looked forward to throughout the whole getaway. This is when we have games related to Tok Burn and the family. At the same time, we will always learn new things about our grandfather and his story.

A towel and pepero snacks for everyone yipee!
This the AshBurn 1.0 clan

This is half of AshBurn 2.0 clan (plus me Mother)

This is Mr. AshBurn 

There were even photos of everyone from 5 years ago! Oh those slim days~~

Played several games and quizzes on how you far do you know Tok Burn. And the overall winner was my Dad’s Team.

 ‘Grats to Pak Joi’s team!

Then it was the prize giving cerermony, which was gifts from Ikea. Love Ikea goodies, who doesn’t?

Although it was just a short getaway, it was definitely a memorable one. Cannot wait to plan next year’s one as its our turn!
p/s: thanks for reading everyone. Here’s wishing an enjoyable weekend ahead!

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