Let’s Dine Out #1 : Candles on a Pizza?

On the 5th of February, my youngest (one & only) brother turned 24. Since his birthday fell on a Friday, everyone decided to celebrate somewhere in KL right after work. After much discussion, we agreed on Mikey’s Original New York Pizza @ Telawi, Bangsar.
None of us tried Mikey’s before, so we went there based on reviews we found with the help of Mr Google. All I know was the portions were huge and they were quite pricey. Their pizza slice prices start from RM8.88 and can go up to RM14.88 depending on the toppings. 
Since it was our first time at Mikey’s and we didn’t know when we would be back (assuming the pizzas were delicious) here, we opted for 1 slice each for all the pizzas. So, 1 huge pizza (they called it Pie) has 8 slices hence we had 8 different toppings in 1 huge Pie. Brilliant ay? Of course, the price was slightly higher but because we rarely have dinner (or do anything, basically) in Bangsar, we took this opportunity to taste all at one go, dah alang alang sampai Bangsar kan. Bak kata pepatah melayu “selam air sambil minum” ie “Kill 2 birds with 1 stone”.

Here are pictures from that night.

You can request candles to put on the Pizza. Azmeer loved it!

Usually restaurants will give the generic number for your table, kan. Here, they up their waiting game in style. They replace the usual table numbers with street names in NY. Fancy schmancy. Ours on that night was 5th Avenue.

Rustic deco. Loved it.

Different toppings for all 8 slices which were cut into half. In total we had 16 small slices for everyone. Perfect for the 6 of us. 🙂

All in all, the pizza in my honest opinion was so-so. It was not bad, but it wasn’t that great either. Or maybe because the reviews on Mikey’s were over the roof according to Google, I had high hopes for it. They were tasty all right, but for the price I was paying for, I had hope it would have tasted a bit more better than it did. Buy hey, don’t let my personal review stop you from trying Mikey’s. I had no regrets, loved the overall concept, the staff were accomodating, friendly and very entertaining. Go and try it for yourself, you might just like it. 🙂
After dinner, we headed on to Inside Scoop which was located the row just behind Mikey’s. This time the Birthday Boy treated us to ice cream. No one can say no to ice cream, not me at least. Inside Scoop has various flavours, but I find their Durian Flavour to be the tastiest of ’em all. They offer waffles too and they are oh-so-yummy.

Thank you bro! ❤

Familia potrait.

Have you tried Mikey’s? Any suggestions where I can try other delicious Pizza here in Klang Valley? 


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