(Sale) : Bath and Body Works, Nu Sentral

Ever since Bath and Body Works (BBW) was launched in Malaysia, I have never failed to stop and browse their outlets whenever I get the chance. Then, it opened its stores in Nu Sentral, which was only 1 LRT station away from my office. I was estatic! 
Last Friday during the usual long lunch hour break, I decided to go to Nu Sentral with the sole intention of buying my brother’s birthday present. Unintentionally, I saw huge banners at the BBW store station “CLEARANCE” almost at each corner of its stores. So, apalagi, I went in and almost cried. Why you ask? Because they were selling off their all of their seasonal items at a very, very low price. Candles, Hand soaps/sanitizers, Body lotion/spray, all of them were almost half price. Now, if you’re a mad fan of BBW, you will definitely go nuts upon seeing this. 
Let me show you a few snippets I manage to capture whilst browsing the shop.

3 Wick Candles ( L to R) : Apple Flower, Fresh Water & Sea Salt, Lemon Mint Leaf (amazing smell!), Leaves, Honeysuckle Bouquet, Lilac Blossom, 
These are their X’mas range. I am super in love with the smell of their Vanilla Bean Noel (which is their most “hot” product from this range).
These jars are SO beautiful. Look at those lids!
These were their Wallflower Bulbs. I love this as they can last such a long time. On the top range is their Room Spray collection.

There you go. These are the after discount prices. Look at that. All of these prices are 50% off from their RP. 

Now, their handsoaps are the least favourite items of mine as I just could not justify myself to pay more than RM20 for a 236ml bottle. BUT when I saw the discounted prices, I knew I just had to get one. So I did, which of course, it had to be my favourite scent – Vanilla Bean Noel. Oh and I have tried it, quite gentle and very foamy. Not bad, not bad at all.  
RM19 for 1 bottle ie below RM20. Jackpot!

Apart from the BBW Candles that I love so much, Imma such a sucker for their PocketBac Sanitizers which are UH-MAZING. Before I knew the existence of this I was never a fan of sanitizers in general. But when I laid my eyes on these pocketbac, I was instantly sold. They smell so good and their sizes are perfect for me to put them in my everyday bag. 
They were on sale too, 5 pocketbag sanitizers for RM40. If I am not mistaken, these were their latest range of sanitizers.

Last but not least, when you hear BBW I am sure you instantly think of their Body spray/lotions, Shower gels right? Yup they were on sale too.
Half-priced just like the others.
Oh and BBW had just come out with their Chinese New Year range. These new items are of course full priced items. So, so pretty.

My new favourite from the latest range.

Still not convinced? Go and head out to the BBW outlets near you and see for yourself and share with me your favourite BBW scent. (,”)

 Happy smelling shopping!

Disclaimer :  I am not an affiliate with the abovementioned company. 


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