Sephora is finally online!

Yes dearies! If you haven’t heard, you can now buy your Sephora goodies online. is actually the ‘newly acquired’ Luxola platform. 
Eeeeeek! I am so excited I cannot sit still. Although I can shop at the Sephora physical stores near me, but hey shopping online is always so fun to do. JUST A CLICK AWAY. Dangerous, but tempting (sigh) another one of my first world problems.
Oh and they provide free delivery for orders above RM80.00. How awesome is that? I think Imma break my “No Spend” month today cos I just saw the Sephora Lip Cream Stain in the shade I’ve always wanted and it is always sold out in stores ……..
What’d you think? Is this great news for you? If so, what is that one thing you cannot wait to get your hands on? Share with me in the comments below! 
Disclaimer : I am not an affiliate with the abovementioned company. 

Till then,

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