Haul #1 | Mr DIY


I went to Mr DIY yesterday and did a wee bit of shopping. Naughty me I know. But hey I bought stuff to bring for my holiday soon & a few household things. So it’s not a pembaziran. 😛 Let’s see what I got.

I am leaving for Krabi in 2 weeks time & I needed a few bottles & cases to store my hair & skincare products. Found these & I was so happy! Just what I needed. The small bottles Imma store my shampoo, conditioner, cleanser & spray mist. Then the mini cases that look like contact lenses cases Imma put my face moisturiser & serum etc. Handy, kan? Now I don’t need to bring those full sized products when I travel. So glad I found these & they were super affordable. WIN!

L to R: RM5.50 (for 2 pink mini bottles) & RM7.50 (for the whole white transparent case)
I was about to pay for these items when I saw something that I’ve seen around for quite some time. A macaroon storage box! 

RM5.50 onlyyyyy. How can I resist?

Thought to myself that I didn’t need it but ….. It’s just so darn cute. It’s quite big, the size of my palm. Will figure out what Imma put inside. 

Oh & I bought a passport cover just because I saw it and it’s cute and cheap so yeah. 

Lil’ ducky Passport for only RM4.30 

I’m such a sucker for Mr DIY things, anyone else is in the same boat as I am? *high five*!

Disclaimer : I purchased everything in this post using my own money and was not sent any of the things mentioned above. I am also not an affiliate with the abovementioned company. 



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