(Video) : Wedding Reception

Heeelloooooo Blogger! *blows invisible dust*  
Wow, its been sooo long since I’ve jotted down things in here. Gotta be more disciplined in this new year. Gambateh! 
Ok so going back on track and while I was browsing through my 10 odd drafts, I’ve decided to post and publish my Wedding Reception video today, well just because I missed my wedding madness and chaos. LOL. Don’t mind doing it all over again, with the same guy of course. 

Oh and a quick explanation on my wedding videographer, they are a group of professionals & they call themselves Cipta Karya Studio . I love them! They were very professional, handled my mom perfectly (very important!) & importantly they did a tremendous job producing both my Solemnization and Reception videos. No regrets! Do check them out if you are a bride to be and still “shopping” for your photographers and/or videographers. I assure you, they are excellent and yes, they are affordable. Trust me, affordability is the ultimate condition whilst I was planning my wedding. 😀

Video captured and edited beautifully by our videographers, CiptaKarya Studio. 

Not ashamed of watching this over and over again, all teary-eyed. nope not ashamed at all. Heeeee.

(…… loved the ending. hehe. note for my futureself so that you won’t forget, he did that by himself. wasn’t instructed by the videographer. so boleh tahan romantic jugak lah hubs awak tu Amirah! :P)

Enjoy your long weekend everyone!

Amirah Z.

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