Daily Rant

Hi December.

Still cannot believe its near to the end of 2015. What have I achieved? Safe to say, none. Nada. Nothing extraordinary. Though, I should be proud of myself for not resigning and managed to celebrate my 1 year job anniversary with the existing company. Haha.

So. What had transpired in 2015?
1. In May, (impromptu) we moved out from my parents and rented an apartment 10 mins away from my parents. HAHA.
2. SIL moved in and changed school within our neighbourhood.
3. Lots and lots of drama happened in my mums company.
4. Friendship(s) broken/ drifted apart.
5. Realised which ones were the sincere ones.
6. Went to Sabah, still planning to go out of Malaysia with the hubs.
7. No rezeki yet on the baby story. This mainly has become one of my saddest moments in 2015.
8. Nearing the end of 2015, still no sign of less drama. SIGH. 
Hopes and dreams for 2016? : Less drama, More happiness. ان شاء الله 
Im typing this while on the train back home. Ok dah sampai my destination, till then Toodles! x

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