New Hobby

As mentioned in my previous past, lately my “me-time” has been occupied with colorful, pretty things that require printing, cutting and sticking. What have I been up to, you ask? Sat noh, I’ll explain in a bit.

So I was browsing through google and pinterest for ideas, I stumbled across Ms Wenduh‘s blog where she has generously created loads of printables for planner/organizer for everyone to download and print for their own use. Inserts, stickers, labels, you name them. Yays! Happy wallet, happy me.
In her blog, she even teaches you how to print your own stickers/labels. How amazing is that? Being the impatient me, I tried to DIY my own stickers. Surprisingly, I managed to do it and it wasn’t that difficult, to be honest. All you need is Microsoft Word, google images, pinterest or your own creation and wallah your DIY sticker is ready to be printed. This is mine.
Currently addicted to Boat Noodle & Starbucks Green Tea Frapp, hence the stickers. heh
 I did  a few more but I can’t seem to upload it here. If you are interested, send me an email at and I’ll send these PDF files FOC. 😉

Ok, lunch time. Talk soon!
Amirah Z.

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