Hello there!
I’ve finally managed to sit down and steal a bit of time to blog on my new 2015 passion – being creative!
To be honest, I am the least creative person known among my loved ones BUT this year I decided to add on to my long list of things that I am passionate about and so 2015 shall be THE year where I try to add a bit more of creativeness in my daily life routines.
So, I’ve been watching tons and tons of videos on decorating planners, DIY videos on how to start scrapbooking and such on Youtube AND i instantly fell in love with the idea of being surrounded with pretty, colourful pens, papers and washi tapes! I am a sucker for beautiful things (who isn’t??), btw so these couple weeks I’ve found myself loitering in Mr DIY and Daiso branches in Klang Valley just to feast my eyes with pretty stationeries and DIY supplies. 
But first, let me share with you what I got from Mr DIY in Gamuda Walk, my new favourite mall in Kota Kemuning, which I shall share more on this in a different post.

These were the stuff I got from Mr DIY in Gamuda Walk, a mixture of stationeries and beauty supplies. All of these only cost me around RM20. *chicken dance*

Facial cleansing pad (RM2)
I’ve been searching high and low for this and did find a few but they were expensive. I literally shrieked when I saw this at Mr DIY. S and I’ve tried this and our faces did felt cleaner compared to when we cleansed our faces using our palms. Good stuff right here.

Eyebrow Stencils (4 stencils for RM1.30)
Haha this was an impromptu buy. I’ve seen this a lot on Youtube and always wondered does this really work? So when I saw this and it only cost me RM1.30, I grabbed it without much hesitation. There are 4 different types of eyebrow shapes ie Elegant, Classic, Delicate & Glamorous and so far my favourite would be the Classic shape as it is the nearest natural eyebrow shape among all 4 stencils. I might just do a tutorial on how to use this, stay tuned. 😉

Multipurpose cable clips (3 sets for RM1.50)
My laptop cables were all over the place on my office desk for the past few months I’ve started working at my new place, so I’ve been searching for one of these for so long. Found cute ones online and yes again, they were pricey. Used this, and now all my cables are no longer a distraction on my desk. Yays!

 Transparent pencil case, mini washi tapes and mini sticky notes (RM1.50, 10 mini tapes for RM1.90, 5 sets for RM1.30)

Last but not least, my actual purpose of entering Mr DIY is to search for planner supplies/stationeries. Hehe. I have jumped on to the organising/decorating planner wagon and so I wanted to stock up on my supplies. Washi tapes were my main concern because I’ve looked everywhere for these babies and they were pretty expensive tbh. 1 big size of washi tape can cost you around RM5-RM10 in Typo and Kinokuniya.  Of course, me being a beginner in all this thought wow this decorating/scrapbooking hobby can be quite an expensive hobby. Anyhoo, when I found these in Mr DIY I cried a little because it was a fraction of the price compared to the ones I found in Typo. Boy, was I happy. There were tons of different patterns and colours but for this trip I bought only 1 set first to try out the quality of the tapes and I am proud to announce it is SUPERB! Kudos Mr DIY!

Phewwww and I am done. Heh. All in all, at the end of day my principal of “why bother getting the same things at expensive prices when you can buy them at a lower price with extra effort of searching for them at places like these” matter to me the most. *self pats on the back*

Amirah Z.


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