(Video) : Solemnization

Morning earthlings!

Its Monday and obviously (duh!) I am still dreaming away in weekend-land. So what do I do when I need that little push to get things done on Mondays? I watch this.

My Solemnization (Same Day Edit) Highlights Video done by CiptaKarya Studio.

Super love the work done by my videographers and super love the background song (Amazed by Lonestar) which I personally chose. 
Why this song? Because, I was amazed (and surprised with myself) that I had fallen in love with him during the most unexpected time and it was (and still) the most amazing feeling in the world. This song speaks for itself, tbh. I shall unofficially declare this song to be our song. Unofficially because S would definitely disapprove and declare Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd (only S and God knows why, heh) to be his choice for our song. 
OK, enough yapping and shall enjoy the video in peace. *secretly wipes tears*
Amirah Z.

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