Wordless Wednesday

Guess what?

I found my old blog!

I cannot believe it still existed all these years. If I’m not mistaken, I started that old blog in 2008 just few months short before I went to the UK to study and I think the blog lasted till 2010 or maybe 2011. But I sure do know that old blog was mostly my rants and anger issues about my “back then horrid” relationship.

Aahhhh those days. Where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr were still unknown. Keeping an online journal ie a blog was the in thing those days.

I am surprised I could still remember the url of my old blog, although I could not login cos obviously after all these years it would be a miracle if I could still remember the password.

Anyhoo this is a screenshot of my old blog. See the title of the blog? My Sweet Escape From Reality. Hahahahaha. Some things are awfully hard to change. Like they say, “old habits die hard“. If you don’t get it, just laugh it off. It is meant to be sarcastic, from me to myself. Ok I’m crapping.

I shall continue to read my 21 year old rantings and laugh at myself in peace now. Toodles!
Amirah Z.


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