BTS: Wedding plans

I feel like travelling back to 2013, where it all started. 🙂

When we decided to get married, never did we thought we could have planned it within a period of 6 months more or less. S took the traditional way and asked my dad for his blessings in June 2013, then only the merisik came a month later during Raya (August) 2013 where both families met for the first time. Then we got engaged in September, which you can read more on the detailed event here.

S and I agreed that we didn’t want to be engaged more than 6 months so the initial plan was to get married somewhere during the period of January-March 2014. Even then, my mom and I started very early preparing for the engagement, solemnization and reception events only because my mom is a very detailed person and she loves to prepare things in the early stages so that during the last stages we still have time to prepare for any last minute changes.

Mom and I started looking for wedding related stuff in early June and in the midst of preparing the door gifts, hantarans deco, we also started to search for halls that could cater our wedding reception. At first we were looking at dates in March 2014 but then mom said “Tunang 6 months too long lah kaklong, why don’t you do it in January 2014”. Yay I thought, the earlier the better! hehe. “Ok” I said. So we searched for available halls in January 2014. Mind you, we had a strict budget hence most of the halls that were within our budget were all taken. Ya lah, nak event in January 2014, mid 2013 baru nak cari. Memang tak dapat ler der. I was devastated and running out of time and options.

Then one fine day, representative of one of the halls we were interested in gave mom a call and said there was a backout on 29 December 2013, which was a Sunday. Without hesitation my mom instantly said yes and paid the deposit without consulting me first. Luckily at that time S was with her and he had went through the budget and such, so S consented on behalf of us.

When mom informed me that I’ll be getting married end of December that same year guess what my first reaction/response was? I cried! It was definitely happy tears as I certainly did not imagine finding my better half, lagi-lagi to be married in 2013. Of course I would be lying to say that I had never imagined myself settling down with the man of my dreams, but in 2013 I thought that particular dream was still far from my reach. Alhamduillah Allah works in wonderful and mysterious ways.

2013 was indeed a hectic but memorable year to begin with. From the beginning of 2013 till the end, 2013 is easily, for now, my 1st favourite (2009 was my previous 1st favourite if you’re wondering, which I shall one day share in a different post cos 2009 was just too awesome that it deserves its own post) year of all 27 years of my life.

Dreams do come true. :’)

Amirah Z.

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