Manic Monday

Its the 1st Monday of the new year, Two Oh Wan Fai.

How do I feel? Sleepy. Lots of work to be done but I am procrasinating like nobody’s business. Maybe just maybe, I need to vamp my cubicle. Ya know, to make it less boring, more “weekdays friendlier”.
Google images gave me these:-

Now that’s more like it. I could totally see my self working my bu** off (flips tudung) in pretty cubicles like these. My current cubicle is so blah.
I am so gonna decorate my cubicle from one corner to the end. Luckily Pinterest is my best friend. She gave me some pretty darn decration ideas, which ain’t that difficult to do. 
1) Terrariums
– Super love these things cause they look like snowglobes to me, and I have this weird thing for snowglobes;

2) Dry Erase Board
– Awesome innovation for a forgetful person like me;
3) Hang (without nails) Photo Frames
– I could frame motivational quotes instead;
Found a few more on Pinterest but I’ve a meeting to attend in a few minutes. ‘Fret not I’ve “pin” them on Pinterest, so if you’re interested to see more of these DIY office decoration ideas head on to my Pinterest and look for them under the “DIY and Tips” board.
Yeay I’ve got myself a new project for me to do this weekend! ❤
Amirah Z.

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