BTS: Engagement – MUA (Persona by Putri Rex)

Hello Sunday!

I’m feeling extra rajin today so I thought I might just post my overdue BTS engagement MUA. Lets rewind back to 28 September 2013 (hope I remember the details), teehee.

Being sucha noob towards makeup back then, I was extra cautious choosing my MUA. So I went from asking friends to surveying online. Alhamdulillah I stumbled upon this pretty lady called Putri  Rex on FB, went through her portfolio and straight away I knew I wanted her to make me look pretty on my special day.

Messaged her on FB and thankfully she replied saying she was free on that date. Score! I quickly booked her and prayed silently inside that I made the right choice.

On that day, she arrived pretty early which I was very thankful for (yelah takut salah makeup ke ape ke kan) and we hit it right on. Funny thing, she was also a Subang girl so we found out we had mutual friends, which was not a big surprise because somehow if you grew up in Subang, went to school in Subang, you will eventually find yourself  going “eh you kenal A?” or “oh I can put that name to a face”. Funny weh. Anyway, back to the makeup story, this yours truly had a hard time to try and sit still while she puts on my makeup. Mind you, this was my first ever full face on makeup done by a professional. I don’t know whether I was excited or nervous. Probably a bit of both. heh.

I gladly let her do her magic and trusted her with her choices of colours for my eyes and lips. Although deep down I was kind of freaking out because you see, I had always fond of natural makeup. For a split second I was afraid I would have might looked like this.

(image source: Google)

Thankfully my instincts did not fail me! Phew was I relieved. As family and friends were coming in to see me all dolled up, I took the chance to ask them whether I looked alright and their responses calmed me down. Then on I knew Putri was doing a good job.

I loved the way she did my eyes. Subtle but sophisticated.

And also LOVED her choice of lipstick. Me personally am such a noob when choosing lipstick colours for my super dark natural lip colour. So when Putri chose this gorgeous soft pink colour I was delighted. Pastu lupa nak tanya what colour was the lipstick. *smacks forehead*

I am so happy my first ever makeup session done by a professional went well. You can look her up on FB here, Persona by Putri Rex and on Instagram search for Putrirex. Oh and her rates ain’t that bad either. Double score!
More on my engagement story and photos here and here. Till then, stay sane everybody! ❤
Amirah Z.


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