Twenty Fourteen.

Hurray today’s the last day of 2014. 
So what have we achieved this year? 
Me? Errrr I can’t think of anything significant to be honest, except for living under the same roof with S. But I sure do know what I am looking forward in 2015. heh heh heh.
2014 has indeed been a difficult year for everyone in Malaysia, we hope for a brighter, happier 2015 in sha Allah.
I promised myself that I will make the most out of 2015. Importantly, I will continue to strive for my personal achievements.
Other meh resolutions would be:-
hahahahaha 😛
Maybe it would be fun to list down important events happened in 2014 just for rememberance sake. 

  • PD short trip with S

  • Cameron Highland for the weekend with the Ashburns
  • Celebrated Azmeer’s and S’s birthday together
  • Bought our 1st car

  • Miri trip for Zekna’s wedding

  • Joined carboot sale in KD with S

  • S planned a surprise birthday party for me

  • Parents went for Umrah
  • 1st time celebrated Raya with his family in BP

  • Short weekend family trip to Swiss Garden, Damai

  • Started drinking kangen water

  • Chiang Mai with S, parents and the VLM entourage! (p/s: blogpost on CM trip soon)

  • Went to watch AFF Suzuki Semis between Msia & Vietnam
  • IP6+ from S for 1st anniversary hihi
  • JB makan trip with Jiji & Zu
So June & September were the only months with no excitements. 2015 I’m gonna make sure there will be at least 1 memorable event for each month. 
2015, may Allah continue to bless us all with tremendous health, ooportunities and livelihood, in sha Allah. Lets kick start 2015 with a BIG BANG everyone! 
Amirah Z.

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