I got engaged!

Today, last year, the day i was half taken off the market.

3 months of planning, hair pulling and intense discussions within the family, 29 September 2013 was finally here.
It was hectic I tell ya. Mum being the very detailed and no nonsense kind of person, she planned my engagement on her own. From the mini pelamin to the door gifts, hantarans deco, food & tents, she planned them, solo.

July 2013 was when S and I told both our families that we were ready to take the next step. Alhamdulillah, they were very supportive and gave their blessings. Upon hearing our plans, my mom instantly went on turbo mode because we had more or less 3 months to prepare for the engagement.

Kedebak kedebuk, the day finally arrived! It was a morning affair, so the MUA I found on Facebook came at 8.30 am. Her name is Putri and she is so soft spoken and friendly teramat. She did a fantastic job on my makeup. How’d I know? Well I got lotsa thumbs up from my family and friends. That was enough to please me. Hehe. I will blog in detail on my engagement MUA more in a different post.

S and his rombongan reached my place at 11 am as promised. Phew. My hantarans were already in place since the night before. Mum designed the hantarans all by herself with little help from my aunties and I.

Mum glued the flowers herself onto the plain tray.

My hantaran gifts to S.

I had to wait until both our familes were done with their discussion then only I can proceed downstairs for the “sarung cincin” moment. Alhamdulillah everything went perfectly well. The solemnization & reception dates, dowry amount and others were agreed by both sides without any hesitation. Oh boy was I nervous. 
……30 mins later I was called.
And the journey of becoming S’s fiancee and future wife started the moment his mum slipped the ring onto my finger. I was so nervous that his mum had to hold onto my hand to stop it from shaking, haha!
Here are some pictures from that beautiful day. 🙂

(Recycled outfit from last Raya; revamped by sewing beads on the shoulder and sleeves.
Modern lime green baju kurung: Jakel
Lime green selendang: bought the kain at Jakel & sew beads)

Happy me :’)

A special shoutout to the 2 most beautiful ladies in my life: –
Could not have gone through this without my sister who came back from Australia just for this and a truckload of thanks to my MUM for planning everything from scratch.  

Amirah Z.

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