DIY: Photo Booth (Engagement)

For the planning of my engagement, I for one, had lots of free time. That is because my mum had planned almost everything for the engagement. So, I decided to DIY a photobooth for my relatives and friends to have fun and take photos with a backdrop.
Went on Youtube to find steps on how to DIY your own photobooth, google-ed pictures of pretty photobooths for inspirational ideas. After much research, I settled with the pom-pom tissue flowers design. Luckily they were quite easy to find here in Klang Valley. I found my colourful pom-pom tissue flowers at Daiso for RM5 per pack, which I think there were about 10 pom-pom tissues in 1 pack. 
On top of that, I also DIY-ed my own photobooth props and signs which were easily found on the Internet. Like this.
Here are some of the links where you can download and print ’em for free!
(All sources are from Google)

Fret not, it is not that hard at all! Trust me because I am the least creative person. All you gotta do is print the props and signs that you want on paper, coloured papers preferably but I was a budget bride-to-be, what I did was I printed the props on white plain papers and trace the props on a coloured patterned foam thingy and cut the props out. Wallah you are done! Let me show you the props and signs I did. It might not be as kemas as it should be, but for me, as long as it useable I ok jer!
I used my already-there blinds as the backdrop, so the pom-pom tissue flowers tu I just ‘selit’ in between. (had to make use of whatever there is in the house, budget bride-to-be remember? :P)

These were the DIY props I did. 

I suppose the props could have been a bit bigger. Oh well, it was my first attempt. Couldn’t be anymore happier with the result.
Have fun exploring and creating your props and photobooth. You may never know what you are capable of doing unless you try. Let your imagination run wild and your inner creativity surprise you!
Amirah Z.


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