Brain needs a holiday.

If my brain can poop, it shall poop nonsense right about now.

(photo credits: Google)

I’ve had coffee. I’ve had numerous short breaks. Tak jalan. I think I need a beach getaway or just maybe a quiet secluded place. Like maybe this weekend? Hurmmm where should I go? Let’s see… my definition of a weekend getaway is that it does not require passports, burning a hole in my pocket and possibly a calm, relaxing location far away from the hecticness of the city. Jom verangan.

1. Sekeping Retreats

Under them now are several retreat centers. I’ve been wanting to check this place out ever since I stumbled upon gorgeous pre-wedding photos shot here. At first I thought this place definitely had to be out of Malaysia but was I wrong. Currently, there are a quite a number of retreat centers in Klang Valley. My personal favourite would be Sekeping Serendah, situated somewhere in Rawang. Here they offer 7 shed sets and my preferred choice has to be their Glass Box. Although the thought of mosquito bites worries me but hey waking up to this green scenery, I am all yours nyamuk.

(photo source: Sekeping Serendah website)

They have also retreat centers in Penang and Ipoh. More information can be found here.

2. Time Capsule Retreat
I have just recently found this while bloghoppin’. It is located at Sungai Lembing Pahang and its concept is similar to the Tubotel in Langkawi. Definitely listing this in my “Must Go” list.

(Photo source: Time Capsule Retreat Facebook and Google)
So far I have only found these two retreats that are still within an affordable range. Of course, there is the well-known Banjaran Hotspring Retreats which is the place to go at least ONCE in my life. But for now, I shall explore all Sekeping Retreats & the tubotels first.
Are there any other affordable retreats in Malaysia beside the ones I mentioned above? Do share please! ♥

Amirah Z.

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